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Parry Center Strike

Pictures and short observations of a trip over to the Parry Center to show solidarity with the workers who are striking there in demand of fair wages and labor practices.
Breaking a long streak of laziness and apathy, I decided to take a bus over to the Parry Center to join in solidarity with the striking workers who are picketing there.

Despite the bitter cold the couple dozen employees who were there were boisterous and friendly, and all of those who I spoke to thanked me for coming out.

While I was there, a steady stream of passing drivers honked in appreciation, and the demonstration of community support definitely seemed to buoy the morale of the strikers.

I would strongly encourage everyone to go down, say hi, and make sure that the workers on the lines know that you support them. Even if you're not a union member - I'm not - a victory for labor is a victory for every worker, and solidarity is essential, especially during a strike.





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New Info???? 04.Dec.2004 09:45


Hey. Anyone got any new info? Nothing has been reported for the last few days.