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Call for Support for Parry Center Strike, Pics, and Report on Parry Center Rally

Report on large picket line rally on Monday night
Community support is needed on the Parry Center picket line!
3415 SE Powell Blvd.

Anytime between 5 am and 11pm is great! The best times are: 5 am - 9 am,
1pm - 4 pm, and evenings 7pm - 11pm.

Come down and lend your energy to Parry Center workers who are standing up
for living wages and for children!

Article from JWJ Website: www.jwjpdx.org

Huge crowd supports striking Parry Center workers

Despite the cold and threatening rain, a huge crowd estimated to be as large as 450 turned out to support striking Parry Center workers last night. Chants of ?Put kids first!? and "No contract, no peace? echoed down Powell Boulevard as the long picket line snaked along the sidewalk during rush hour. Spirits were high as supporters and strikers came together on this first day of the Parry Center strike.

Teachers refuse to cross picket line

Earlier in the day, strikers were buoyed by news that teachers at the Parry Center would not cross the picket line. Portland Association of Teachers (PAT), Portland Federation of Teachers Classified Employees (PFTCE) and the Portland School District negotiated a plan in which teachers and aides would not cross the picket line for three days. Teachers and aides voted to accept this plan. The teachers? unions will work to figure out next steps. News of this act of solidarity by the teachers was cheered by those attending the mass rally and picket during evening rush hour.

After an hour on the line, picketers marched to a side entrance of the Parry Center and participated in a lively rally. During the day, the side entrance became the main point of entry for the scabs.

Striking for all of us

Leslie Frane from SEIU Local 503 told the crowd that the Parry Center management is using tax dollars to break the union and undermine workers? efforts to bring a stable environment to the kids at the Parry Center. Frane emphasized that the Parry Center workers? struggle to achieve decent wages and working conditions will benefit all working people. It?s significant for workers to take the important step of a strike, which, in the long run benefits other workers through example and by improving conditions. Frane continued that by bringing on replacement workers, the Parry Center would be ?firing? striking workers. Should the Parry Center get away with this, other employers will follow suit.

Also speaking at the rally were Colleen Sullivan, a striking worker, Tim Nesbitt, President of the Oregon AFL-CIO, and Dee Simmons of Jobs with Justice.

After the rally, a large number of the rally-goers returned to the picket line.

homepage: homepage: http://www.jwjpdx.org
phone: phone: 503-236-5573

END The Strike 03.Dec.2004 18:26


call the governor and ask him to meet with scott to end the strike!

Yeah, call the Governer! 21.Dec.2004 05:16

Concerned Citizen a4pilotjh07@hotmail.com

Call the Governer and tell him to support putting more money towards our youth's mental health care. March over to his place of work and home to demand more money. Go to the folks who have the money and are playing you off like chumps. If they really wanted to support your cause, it would show in the budget.