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AUDIO FILE: News Conference Concerning Protest Suit Settlement

A news conference was held today, December 1, 2004, in the law office of Alan Graf concerning the recent settlement of a lawsuit over police brutality and use of excessive force against non violent protestors.
People took to the streets on August 22, 2002 to protest the policies of George Bush when he was briefly in Portland fund raising. And again in March of the following year, a street action, protesting the war in Iraq, met with similar heavey handed tactics by the Portland Police Department. After two years, a settlement was reached between Alan Graf, the team of activists and National Lawyer Guild attorneys and the city, which prompted the call for this news conference.
After introducing the lawyers and activist who worked on this law suit, Alan, lead attorney, opened the conference with about 11 minutes of remarks and then asked for questions. "The actions of the police department showed a blatant and criminal disregard for basic human rights and humanitarian principles in this town. We won; the police state lost. Chalk a big one up for Portland's activist community.........This the first time that the city has had to pay big time for police mistakes and police brutality."
Following several questions from the audience, answered both by Alan Graf and Liz Joffee, three of those whose suffered abuse and injury at the hands of the Portland police made brief statements. These were Evelyne Moyo, Miranda May and Bill Ellis. Though present, Don Joughin and Corinna Andrew, whose infant was sprayed with mace by police during the A22 Bush protest, declined to comment.
All of the plaintiffs have offered to donate some of their settlement to the Northwest Constitutional Rights Center.
And, since the News Conference, Lloyd Marbet, one of the 12 litigants involved in the suit is refusing to accept any of the money. He does so on principle stating that, "I do not believe that this settlement represents any change in the behavior of the police and I remain unwilling to be bought off by the City."
This file is about 35 minutes in length.
News Conference

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Good Work 02.Dec.2004 11:12


I enjoyed listening to the audio that was taken. I couldn't be there when it was happening, but thanks to you I could at least listen to what happened.