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Team of Activists and National Lawyers Guild Attorneys Bring City of Portland to its Knees

Who's Streets? Our Streets!!!

So says the Portland Progressive Community as it takes to the streets time and time again to voice its vigorous dissent and dissatisfaction with the policies and practices of the Administration of George W. Bush--an administration that continues to torture prisoners, spit on the Bill of Rights, destroy the environment, lie to the American public, engage in an illegitimate war and exhibit a criminal disregard for the rule of law.

Despite how the police tried to portray the August 22, 2002 and March 2003 demonstrations as protestor riots, the truth has finally come out. It was the police acting in a criminal manner similar to the President they were attempting to protect. The actions of the Portland Police showed a blatant and criminal disregard for basic humanitarian principles and human rights in this town.

We won, the police state lost. Chalk a big one up for Portland's activist community.

This is the first time that we have seen any real police accountability in this town

Round two is next and we are ready.

AUDIO FILE: News Conference Concerning Protest Suit Settlement
People took to the streets on August 22, 2002 to protest the policies of George Bush when he was briefly in Portland fund raising. And again in March of the following year, a street action, protesting the war in Iraq, met with similar heavey handed tactics by the Portland Police Department. After two years, a settlement was reached between Alan Graf, the team of activists and National Lawyer Guild attorneys and the city, which prompted the call for this news conference.

Following several questions from the audience, answered both by Alan Graf and Liz Joffee, three of those whose suffered abuse and injury at the hands of the Portland police made brief statements. These were Evelyne Moyo, Miranda May and Bill Ellis. Though present, Don Joughin and Corinna Andrew, whose infant was sprayed with mace by police during the A22 Bush protest, declined to comment.

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not ALL *White*
not ALL *White*