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Sweeping UN reforms to come

Yahoo publishes an article of reforms to come at the UN. What does this mean?
As many readers know The dysfunctional UN once in a while makes sence. For example when Kofi baby said the US invasion of Iraq was illeagal. Or perhaps when the UN did not join George and the US army in his blood filled sadist orgy in Iraq. Only the coalition of the willing followed.

Today on NPR Kofi son accused taking money for some sort of something that may be corrupt, but no one is sure of what, was spewed out the air waves. Character assasination in the making. Yes that was this afternoon, nov. 30th 2004.

So this evening the following article arises. On Yahoo claimin reform at the UN...blah, blah, blah..  http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=1512&ncid=1512&e=1&u=/afp/20041130/wl_afp/un_reform_041130193733, But wait.

Yesterday on Kboo on fair I heard the story of the illeagal activity carried out by the UN oil for food program that was largely handeled, by you guessed it, Uncle sam. So that said
The only meaningful reform that the UN could have is to boot the entire security counsel.

Well why the whole counsel? Well basically they are all mass murders. But what is the point of
reforming the UN? It not for preventing war?

Perhaps the UN could move to Canada.


In the mean while we got for more years to organize to try to take over the leadership of the US. Apparantly my guy, killer kerry forgot to wait till they counted the vote before he kissed his skull and bones buddy and his wife. We learned the same old lesson again. Act local to control the national.
nice 01.Dec.2004 06:16


here's my spin...

One thing that you didn't mention, is the changing of the guard, in 2006 his time is up, we'll se if he is elected again...or we see a ukraine-usa election fraud?...that majically puts bill clinton in there. Then with hillary as president in 2008, as well as the security council under wraps, the circle will be complete. World domination via peace keepers and sanctions...liberals will line up like hot-cakes ready to accept one world government.(run by corporations)

Think about it, president of USA, President of UN, security council, veto power on anything and the additional power of UN peace keepers to send on a whim(no draft-you just need some signatures, that shouldn't be hard, we fake those all the time to, like the nigerian yellow cake documents). This is a global takeover on stealth. Resist now or forever hold your peace.

Also, the USA has not only violated international law, but has also violated the UN charter, repeatedly, wich is grounds for suspension...but given the fact the US is a permanent member of the security council..can't do much without their vote can you?

Chapter I, Article II:

3.All Members shall settle their international disputes by peaceful means in such a manner that international peace and security, and justice, are not endangered.

There are other violations, you could put a check mark in the USA column for many of the atricles.

So nobody can bring any grievances to the UN, unless they want to feel the political muscle of Rove and his crew. So, for all intents and purposes, the UN needs serious reform, their is abuse of power, but how do you ask the fox to guard the hen-house?...it's easy, we've been doing it here for years. The security council is 15 members, you need 9 for an "ok", 5 members are permanent...guess who they are, so, by influencing 4 individuals, along with the 5 permanents...you could bring on WWIII with 9 people.

Without reform, much more then bringing food to people and speaking out(yes it's needed), it really serves no purpose except barking, but never biting. What else can it do? we've seen it, NOTHING.

One more layer of the onion peeled.