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Day 2 of the Parry Center Strike

Day 2 and staying strong! Lots of energy, people contantly telling us they support us. The scabs and management are getting violent with their cars.
There was another good day on the line. Spirits are high and people are ready to see this fight through not just for the kids today, but all the kids who have to go through the Parry Center and all its mismanagement. Scabs and management are aggressively speeding into picketers and hitting people with their cars. If people could come down to the picket line and video tape these actions, it would be super super awesome. This is clearly ASSUALT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON and the people who have been hit plan want to prosecute. Food not bombs or others cooking and bringing food would be great. The line is again at 3415 se powell blvd. Lots of union members came by to express solidarity, and people are meeting with various locals throughout the week to garner support. Having activists come down too though would be great for morale and keeping numbers up to let scabs know how wretched they are.

For one instance the receptionist Meg got sick and needed some sick time. Everyone in the union donated sick time for her. Now she is crossing the line and almost hit a worker today with her back turned. This is the kind of stuff we are dealing with just because we think it is fucked that they constantly understaff these units, that they intentionally keep wages low for staff (I might add that the CEO makes 10 times what the staff working with kids makes) to keep turnover high to break the union, etc., just because they are obsessed with power. The Chief Financial Officer of Trillium did accounting stuff for a maquiladora in Mexico before coming to leech off kids.

Someone came up with an idea today. What if there was a critical mass that came to the Parry Center in support?

We lack pictures because no one has a digital camera on the picket line. Any indymedia people would be wonderful!

critical times 30.Nov.2004 21:06


replying to an earlier question. The best times are around 5-7am, 11-2pm, and 9:30pm. This is when much of the scabs are leaving, though they have changed a little to try and throw us off. There are meetings, actions, and the like happening throughout the week. I don't know of any open meetings, but that is a good idea to union members and supports plan... I'll bring that up. Having people there any time, especially when numbers are down is great to boost morale. It is amazing the friendships that form in adversity. Just being out in the cold, putting yourself on the line, and telling each person's stories really brings people together. It has really moved me.

Scab 01.Dec.2004 00:48


Change the word scab to . . . "social workers who are still working"!

Scabs at best!! 01.Dec.2004 01:35


Scab is actually a rather kind term as these scabs are not really part of a healing process.
"Social workers who are enabling Parry Center to continue putting kids last" or "Social workers who are promoting corporate greed at fragile children's expense" would be more appropriate terms.
It is not a simple issue and to understand the struggle one must step back and consider the bigger picture. That means looking to the future and what is ultimately going to help these children the most. Egomaniacal scabbers can't see that crossing the line only prolongs our seperation with the children and a solution to the rampant turnover problem. They selfishly believe that their immediate presence is more important than a longterm solution that would benefit many children for years to come. I feel sorry for these people as they will forever have on their conscience the fact that they stood in the way of consistent and quality care for these children.

"Scabs at best" 01.Dec.2004 03:42


Dear "Z" unless you have a REAL name. . . you haven't said anything! If you work at Parry, you must have a REAL name.

If you have something important to say then use your real name, otherwise don't waste our time!

Mark Logue RN
Parry Center for Children
Portland, OR

SCAB issue is tricky 01.Dec.2004 08:39

who is caring for the children?

If you have a residential or day treatment program, or school that cares for children with serious mental health diagnoses and symptoms (including psychosis- which manifests in seeing things & hearing voices) there must be SOMEBODY to care for the children while the strike is going on.

I'm not sure the best way to do this, but it seems obvious to me that not everyone at the Center can simply walk away and leave the children on their own. Someone must fix meals, monitor medications, symptoms and side effects, offer their attention and affection, and respond to many other situations as they arise.

So, I dislike the use of the term SCAB in this case. Isn't it a good thing that there is someone able to take care of daily routines and be with the kids?

At the same time, this action, the strike and the communtiy support from Jobs with Justice and others, is a terrific thing. It's the best kind of solidarity. The situation at Parry desperately needs to be corrected, as well as all of Portland's other mental health programs and facilities.

Next up might be a closer look at client care and worker conditons in Cascadia Behavioral Health Care's programs (and they are extensive).

As far as what is taking place at Parry right now, I don't get the situation with cars purposely hitting people. If true, this is outrageous behavior and is an act of agression that is horribly out of place coming from people working with disturbed children!

But, please don't focus on the cars. There are MANY more injustices going on at Parry Center that should be called to the public's attention right now (besides working conditions).

One of the most essential, for me, is the basic question of WHY ARE THERE SO MANY CHILDREN AT PARRY CENTER? How did our culture get so bad at providing families with basic supports, like good pre-natal care, good health care, good nutrition, and human respect, as just a few examples? Why are there so many children with such severe emotional disabilities?
The number of children at Parry Center who suffer from a history of intense sexual (and every other kind of abuse) is a frightening reality that people rarely question or want to talk about.

Also, can someone please post names and addresses (phone, fax numbers) of the Parry Center administrators, and other contacts so that those of us not able to join the picket can at least write some letters?


Mark, get over it your pathetic scab 01.Dec.2004 09:47


Your hung up on posting your name because you know you have no logic to any of your claims.

The fact of the matter is your not scabing because of the children. First, YOU VOTED FOR THE STRIKE!!! I know this because it there were no no votes and you voted, so you voted yes. At that meeting you also asked whether you could work other jobs and still pick up strike funds, you asked if you could work for Trillium at their non union campuses. So it seems like what motivates you must be the money. Additionally if you don't work they have to use agency nurses which costs a lot of money, I wouldn't be suprised if you aren't picking up fat scab paychecks. So let the front down man, you don't give a shit about the kids. If you did, you'd realize that the fucked up treatment on campus will go on for years until people stand up for them and say enough! There cannot be any more!

Real Name or convenient label? 01.Dec.2004 12:06


Mark, I can't imagine how putting a "Real" name on my posts would make them anymore worthwhile. My voice is my voice and if I have to attach a name to it to get you to listen than you are far too concerned with labels. I would rather that people focus on my words than in trying to make assumptions based on information about who I may or may not be.
I haven't seen you on the picket line yet, but I haven't seen you cross. I don't know whether you are scabbing or not. I think that you do care about the children and I think that you are aware of the serious problems at Trillium. Crossing the picket line will definetly not help those children in the long run. Not crossing the picket line might. I would rather know that I have done everything possible to bring about possitive change than to get bogged down in shortsightedness and miss an opportunity. I am sure you realize that sometimes the most unconventional of interventions are the most successfull. I personally have talked to and requested action from everyone that I could reach within the organization. I did this serperate from our Union as a concerned worker and I watched as I was not only dissmissed but actually harrassed for my concerns. My "outspokenness" shone a light on management that apparently they weren't willing to deal with. I never wanted to be contentious, I only went to them because I thought they cared. Their unilateral reactions taught me that they did not. So Mark, don't kid yourself in thinking that somehow by staying, you will make a difference. The only real shot at a difference is on the line with us. Just ask the 400 or so people that were here on Monday night.

curmudgeon 01.Dec.2004 13:48

"if you don't work they have to use agency nurses"

And I recommend to striking workers at Parry Center that they fall over themselves to be nice to those fill-in agency nurses. They are demonstrating the real market value (net of cheat-the-worker extortions and bullying by Trillium management) of the services that the work usually done by strikers is actually worth. SCABS that cost Trillium LESS than agency nurses do, however, deserve the flack they are getting and probably more.

Where are all the workers 01.Dec.2004 19:42


I have been on the picket line as a supporter in for the last two days. I have yet to see ANY Perry Center employees on the line for more than a few hours. In fact, all i see is a bunch of unemployed SEIU thugs walking around flipping the security staff off like a bunch of stupid children. Is this what striking is about? Whinning and crying like poor little babys because Kim wont give you another twenty cents per hour. I see more maturity out of the kids at the perry center than i do the anarchist protesters standing front.

Yesterday, there was a gentelman pushing a little infant baby around in a stroller at the main entrace. On several occassions, he pushed the baby in front of a moving vehicle in an attempt to block the van from lawefully pulling in the driveway. Wow, what a brave responsible father! Not impressed. I have yet to see ANY vehicle attempt to "run over" anybody. In fact, one of the SEIU organizers got in trouble with the police for kicking a Perry Center employees van, leaving a large dent. Is this how you all want to be remembered or portraid?

I was very sympathetic to your cause at first, but i am so embarrased by the irresponsible behavior of the picketers i will not be returning to unite with you. I cannot believe how immiture and disrespectful you people can be, but then again......its the SEIU.


Real Name 01.Dec.2004 19:44

Mark Logue

Mr. No Name:

I'll be on the picket line again at 6:00 AM. Hope to see you there . . .

Mark Logue

P.S. Scabs please take care of our children, we miss them . . .

"Where are all the workers" 01.Dec.2004 20:51

Mark RN


Sorry! Let's do two things:

First: SEIU needs to pay to have the van fixed out of their strike fund.

Second: If the "SEIU thugs" you refer to cause problems then we WILL call the Portland Police and have them REMOVED from our strike line.

Does this sound fair to you Ross?

Mark Logue
Parry Center

Again I'm sorry . . .

mark, props! 01.Dec.2004 21:59

local 987 member

Mark, You aren't a scab. I think some miscommunication happened, and you get huge props for working the line. We are all with you. Not sure about the allegations with the kicking thing, but ross why loose support for the cause from the actions of maybe one person. THe gentleman with the baby is a solid union member working at a low paying job who brought his baby not as a shield but to bring it to union struggle. I think you are judging him incorrectly. I saw him, and know him and know he was just walking. I think you are watching with a critical eye and not really understanding his position. Solidarity

addresses and names please 01.Dec.2004 22:17


Why is this simple request being ignored?
Instead a couple of people are yelling at each other on this site. What a poor showing.
Who do we write to to try to get things changed at Parry Center?

who to write 01.Dec.2004 23:49


go to  http://seiu503.org for more info. There is this info in some of the other posts: Call Kim Scott, CEO of Trillium Family Services, at (503) 205-3553 Here is their info  http://www.trilliumfamily.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=contact

re: yet to see more than a couple hours??? 02.Dec.2004 00:40


Hhmnn, that's weird because almost everyone has already put in 30 hours and it's only the 3rd day. The talk on the picket line has been about the children and what avenues we have used to improve things for them, very little about the money. You also said that you see more maturity from the kids at the Parry Center. This would mean that you work at the Parry Center as the confidentiality is strick and you would not have other means of seeing these children...so if you work there, how come you don't know the correct spelling of the agency. It seems you made a lot of errors in your post. No incident happened with the police and the denting of any agency vans. The running over of picketers by scabbers is a daily event and has been witnessed by many. We are not striking over 20 cents, and anyone that works there knows this. I suspect that you are a poser, possibly hired by management to waste our time. The time that was wasted is your own and anyone that has been on our picket line knows this.

Mr. Z 02.Dec.2004 03:15



There is alot you don't understand. Myself and others helped get the children out of the State Hospital and asked that places like SCIP be built. You see Mr. Z Parry is perfect, however life at the State Hospital wasn't a vacation for them either!


Mark 02.Dec.2004 11:29


I don't believe I ever said that children's mental health elsewhere was without flaw. In fact it's quite the opposite. I am glad to see the shift in kids from the state hospital to this model of treatment. That doesn't mean that we should ignore the serious problems that exist. Just because something isn't as bad as it could be doesn't make it okay. I am not sure what you are trying to say in your last post but if I have not been clear let me amend that. I believe there is a crisis in all of children's mental health. I believe that Parry Center leads the way in Oregon when it comes to adopting a more corporate model that takes the emphasis off of quality care. I believe that the stand we are taking here at Parry Center will have implications across the face of children's mental health in this state.

Mr. Z 02.Dec.2004 18:45


Mr. Z:

Ok . . . You see the problem is we ALL have human rights, the right to strike or not to strike. If we don't respect the human rights of the "scabs", then I doubt you respect the human rights of our children.

Are not the scabs human? Are not the children human?

Mark RN
Portland, OR

putting words in my mouth 03.Dec.2004 13:00


Mark, again I never said that the scabs were not human nor did I say that they do not have a right to cross our picket line. That does not mean I have to agree with or support their choice. I think that people crossing our line are propogating the children and staff's suffering. And not just the children and staff that are here now, but the hundreds and hundreds that will work and be clients here for years to come. It is this long term picture that I have tried to drive home. I believe that scabbing is short sighted. Scabs that cave to the immediate desire to be inside helping are standing in the way of our attempt to begin healing the system. They are keeping improved care from those same children and again from the ones to come.

Hey Ross 04.Dec.2004 02:20


Sorry you haven't seen many of the Parry employees, Ross. I know sometimes it looks like there are as many union members walking around for very long (or more) as employees, but I think maybe you have been there at the wrong times. A lot of people who come in the mornings are pulling 4-10 hour shifts.

I have also seen some behavior from the picketers that didn't please me... but almost everyone people has been acting appropriately when I've been around. Most of the bad behavior I saw was also only during the first day.

I have seen quite a few people narrowly miss being hit by aggressive drivers. I was almost hit myself, and not because I was running out in front of cars or kicking them. It really can be hard to hear some people coming, and when they are driving in so quickly, it can get dangerous.

Honestly, I'm not sure what to think about the whole thing at this point.

Hey Ross 04.Dec.2004 03:16



I will join the line if EVERYONE is willing to stay safe. I mean BOTH sides. I don't wish to be there when someone gets hurt!


being realistic 04.Dec.2004 09:22


I understand the position of both the picketers and those who have continued to go to work. Regardless of the outcome of this strike the base issue has not and will not be affected. Nationally the importance placed on funding for mental health resources is close to the bottom of the list. Seeing as we are one of the poorest states in the nation and that the mental health budget will again be cut in the next fiscal year, the concern for a long term solution should be placed with our legislators and other elected officials. The resources that we have now to support our most vulnerable population is dwindling and will continue to do so because they are a population of people that everyone else does not want to recognize. In my opinion everyone, from staff to client, is being hurt. Unfortunately striking one smaller organization will not perpetuate a change in the greater system.

Parry Center...More Info Please. 04.Dec.2004 09:44


I would like some more info. Nothing new has been reported in the last few days. I have not been able to get down to the picketline.

about the strike 05.Dec.2004 21:02

mmsisters mckinliem@yahoo.com

I am only a visitor to the city of portland. My family member lives there and just happens to work and parry center. I have heard a lot about the strike and the reasons for it, but when situations like this happen, you start to see peoples true colors. When you begin to work at a facility like yours, you start there for a reason, i am assuming for the children. I mean, you know that the kind of job you are taking is not a high paying job. Its hard to believe that you would expect anything more, especially when some do not have any college experiences or degrees. Yes, you do not get payed for the quality of work you are doing, neither do teachers and care facility workers. Thats not why they are there. Its for the satisfaction of helping and being involved with making a contribution to our society, and helping others to learn and make a contribution as well. As for my family member that works for parry center, i know why they are there, and it is just for that reason. Love, care, and understanding, for all human beings. Those kids, are who should be put first, and treated with the upmost care and respect. And how you show that is by being there for them, yes in the long run we can only hope that people will get paid appropriately for the kind of work they do, but there is better ways of working towards that. And while you are picketing someone else is starting a new job in a field working with kids because they care and it just happens to be where you used to work. Once you stop caring for the kids and begin picketing, because face it, its not about how you care about the kids, its you wanting more money and not wanting to work and work for it.

correction 06.Dec.2004 15:21


" Its hard to believe that you would expect anything more, especially when some do not have any college experiences or degrees."

Um, mmsisters, the Parry Center direct care workers ALL have to have 4-year college degrees to work with the kids. Some of the maitenance crew have 4-year degrees. I don't know if any of the kitchen staff does or not.

"Think of the children!" 06.Dec.2004 20:01

No I don't work at Parry Center

Sigh. I really hate it when people want to use children as the reason why public workers (teachers, social workers, mental care staff, ect.) shouldn't care about making a *living* wage at their jobs. The children *are* important, that's why most teachers, ect., work those jobs in the first place, but at the end of the day they have to take care of themselves too. If the government, companies, non-profit groups aren't willing to put people first (workers and kids included), then that is when it's time to take a stand and make everyone aware that isn't ok. Before it was mostly the government run institutions that were human rights atrocities, it's unfortunate that we can't even trust private institutions anymore.

Reply to Correction 07.Dec.2004 00:41


Umm, Anonymous, get past the minor details of mmsisters post and focus on the MAIN POINT! Where is your reply to that? Or don't you have one?

update 07.Dec.2004 12:14



I don't have a lot to offer in the way of updates. Things are pretty much going as usual. I know there are several meetings this week -- with DHS, and a meeting with the governor on Wed., 12/8. The head of DHS, Gary Weeks, has been supporting us but can only do so much. Currently, the SCIP contract is up for renewal and is being held over for 10 days. If the governor allows Gary Weeks more say in what he can do, then who knows what might happen.

The teachers have been very supportive, and the support from the community at large continues. Thanks!

Thank God! 07.Dec.2004 17:56


It sounds like something might happen!


Cut off your nose to spite your face 07.Dec.2004 20:51


No contract equals no clients, no clients equals no jobs

How is losing valuable resources for kids "putting them first?"

Brilliant LOGIC

One brain cell, or two? 07.Dec.2004 23:15


>>d'oh link No contract equals no clients, no clients equals no jobs How is losing valuable resources for kids "putting them first?" Brilliant LOGIC<<

No contract equals no clients, which in turn equals the Parry Center not wanting to go under, which in turn forces them into the binding arbitration which the Commissioners have sought, which in turn causes them to get their SCIP contract because they have settled.

Use your brain, for God's sake.

Rally Tonight - 5pm 10.Dec.2004 06:59


There's a rally tonight, sponsored by Jobs for Justice, from 5pm-6:30 in front of Parry.