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Holiday fun @ 7 corners Starbucks

Ooooh, I wanna throw up. Wait, I'll save it for December 2. Wait, Lindsey's phone # is 503-238-9508, right? Yeah, that's right. Maybe I'll give her a call and wish her some holiday cheer.
>Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 09:17:23 -0800
>Subject: [SPAM] Holiday Fun: You're Invited to Starbucks
>From: Lindsey McBride < lmcb@aracnet.com>
>To:  lindsey@intellectu.com
>X-Spam: Statistical 62%
>Hi everybody.
>You are invited to our Starbucks at 20th & Division this Thursday,
>December 2nd from 5-7 for some holiday cheer.
>Free treats for the whole family will be served; including lots of
>coffee for the kids. Hope you can stop in and thank them for their
>strong support of our community in 2004.
>To date, through Starbucks at 20th & Division, they have contributed
>more than $8,000 since they opened in May to Abernethy Playground,
>Abernethy Carnival, Abernethy Garden Project, Abernethy Painting
>Project, Save Our Elms and FLAG plus work parties at each effort.
>Starbucks suggests you bring a new, unwrapped toy or book to donate
>to their Holiday Angels Toy Drive for children who are seriously ill.
>Lindsey McBride
> lindsey@intellectu.com