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The christian conscience of Emperor George II

Sweet Dreams, Dubya!
The christian conscience.

The christian leaders and the christianized masses
"know" they have a direct line to god and truth,
and such people of "wisdom" always believe in
their own righteousness, and they always ignore the
little voice that asks, "What if I am wrong?"

People who look into the aryan blue eyes of George II
will never see signs that indicate a lack of sleep,
but rather will see an emptiness there, a blandness
that shows Dubya won't let his good christian
conscience to prevent him getting a good night's
sleep. Words like regret, etc., do not exist in
his world -- the good christian emperor is sure
of himself with the biblical "word(s) of 'god'".

The Emperor's biblical-induced confidence is what
gives him popularity with the masses.
It seems that the biblical-induced sheeple seem
to prefer comic book type of "heroes", such as
the barrel-chested Incredible Hulk, the bulging
biceps of Superman, or fictional movie characters
like the Terminator, etc., those guardians of
"truth, justice, and the Amerikan way."

Emperor George II is neither an honest nor an
ethical person, and this is also indicative of
the masses who, for whatever reason, blindly follow
the good christian pResident, foolishly and
naively thinking that George II "cares" for them,
and that he will keep them "safe" from "terrorists".

Dubya's brain can be compared to a sieve, where most
everything drains out.
Whenever George II is asked about the lies about
the war in Iraq, he smirks stupidly, and continues
to insist that the illegal invasion and occupation
of Iraq (and Afghanistan) was the right thing for
the American people to do.
He also blames the CIA for erroneous reports, and
this type of statement shows that christians will
always blame others for the problems they themselves
have created.
Explanations like this are not supported by honest
facts and truth, but rather by the biblical "word
of 'god'", and since the good christian Emperor,
George II said it, it must be true.

Dubya's mind is like a oversized sieve, and his
brain does not function properly, his biblical-
induced stupor prevents him from knowing right
from wrong, and knowing the difference between
the truth and lies.
His biblical-conditioned brain causes George II
to believe that the lies that spew from his
mouth are the honest-to-goodness truth, likewise
the biblical-conditioning of the masses of sheeple
who readily accept and believe his lies, even
though some will, deep down, have an understanding
that it is all deceptions and lies.

Like christians everywhere, Emperor George II
murders people indiscriminately, because their
christian god tells them that this is the right
thing to do.
This is the good christian Emperor who will murder indiscriminately, as shown by his record as the
Governator of Texas, where he had 155 people executed.
Dubya continued murdering people held on death row,
even though conclusive DNA evidence showed that some
of those people were not guilty; even after the U.S. Supreme Court pointed out that there were flaws in the
instructions given to juries in Texas, instructions which did not inform the jurors that they must consider all mitigating trial evidence before they sentenced people to death, and sending them to death
For example, the case of Laroyce Lathair Smith, a
mentally retarded man, who has an I.Q. of 78, whose
case was overturned and thrown out by the U.S.
Supreme Court.

Of course, the christian bible is what George II
bases his rationalizations on, where all kinds of
subversives; like adulterers (women only), thieves,
prostitutes, lesbians, gays, pagans, heathens, and
so on, must be put to death, as it states in the book
of Leviticus.

The good christian Emperor, George II, sleeps very
well at night, with no guilt or regrets, knowing
he had innocent people on death row executed, knowing
that he is directly responsible for the deaths of people worldwide; in the Carribean, South America, Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere.
George II gets out of bed every morning with a spring
in his step, with his always-on-his-face stupid
smirk, and rushes through the day like an eager
greyhound chasing a mechanical rabbit around the
racetrack, but never catching it.

If the American christianized sheeple ever awaken
from their bibilical-induced stupor, they will see
that everything emanating from Bushington, D.C.
(Dominion Of Cheney) is nothing more than lies and
deceptions, they would be very much offended that
Dubya is a "manly" leader.
If the American sheeple honestly cared about these
issues, they would turn out en masse to protest
and rid themselves of the fascist christian Amerikan
Empire of George II and court, instead of childishly
tormenting Scott Peterson's mother.

How about the good friend of Dubya, Arnold
Schwarzenegger, who aspires to someday be
president, who shoots and kills all of his
enemies, and who spouts such priceless witticisms
like "hang around" while holding someone upside
down, or "let off some steam" after impaling
someone with a piece of steam pipe, or impaling
an enemy to a wall with a big knife, and saying
"stick around".

Have a good nights sleep tonight Dubya, while you
have wet dreams about Governator Schwarzenegger,
and while the spirits of the thousands and
thousands of the human beings you ruthlessly
murdered, haunt you with their voices.
How is your good christian conscience, Joan/John Q. Public? 30.Nov.2004 19:32


Enjoying your SUV's, and 2-3 cars in every garage?

The price of oil has gone up. Would you give your blood
for the black gold?

a warning to rich oppressors 30.Nov.2004 20:00

james 5

Now, listen you rich people, weep and wail over the miserable fate decending upon you. Your riches have rotted and your fine clothes are moth eaten. Your silver and gold are corroded. Their corrosion will testify against you and consume your flesh like fire. You have horded wealth in an age near its close. Look! The wages you failed to pay the workmen who mowed your fields are crying out against you. The cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the lord of hosts. You have lived on earth in wanton luxury and self-indulgence. You have fatteded yourselves like cattle and the day of slaughter has come. You have condemned and murdered innocent men who were not opposing you.

bush is not a christian
if you want to talk about leviticus you are talking about the law and the law is a curse
to be a christian you follow christ...you follow peace
you give ceaser what is ceaser's...or washington or jefferson or any dead president on a blood soaked coin or dollar
the establishment killed christ because what he said abolished the very foundations of government
bush is not a christian
bush is a hypocrite
ever hear of what plato called the nobel lie?

First, Amerika gave us mad cow disease....... 01.Dec.2004 09:29


.......now the Amerikans have given us mad car disease.

re: twospiritwarrior 01.Dec.2004 10:18

what is a lie?

no doubt gwbush is a liar, but what about you? you are either under his spell of double-speak, or conspiring in the same effort and spirit of disimformation. warrior? brave title you have choosen for yourself, so you would like to believe, and other would be fools. gwbush is a coward too, but he has the worlds largest military backing him up, am i to believe you are going to bring him down, warrior? it is implied by violence that you shall conquer, since you don't see the widom and power in being truthful. the spirit of this article is one in the same with the elite, like the vatican. historic truth, these two spirits that conspire against truth shall devour eachother. the spirit of deception has two sub spirits; those who lie and say they follow jesus christ, and those like you. are you safe where you sleep at night? does this post allow you to have sweet dreams of being right?