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Central Oregon Contaminated With Unapproved Creeping Bentgrass - Comment Deadline Thursday

Oregon's first publicly acknowledged contamination by a genetically engineered organism occurs in Madras area from Roundup Herbicide resistant Creeping Bentgrass destined to be used on 17,000 golf courses in the US. This is a product we do not need, it is an aggressively spread plant either through pollen or vegatatively through its rhizomes and easily crosses with many other grasses. This GE grass threatens to destroy the 3rd largest agricultural market in Oregon - our Willamette valley grass seed industry. The comment period was extended to December 2nd, this Thursday, possibly to allow the industry to catch up to the nearly 700 comments we've helped generate so far. If you are reading this, please send in your comments.

[ NW Resistance Against Genetic Engineering ]