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Cobb seeks Federal Court jurisdication in new Ohio case

Attorneys for Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb
asked a federal court today to take jurisdiction of, and ultimately dissolve, a temporary restraining order issued by a Delaware County, Ohio judge attempting to prevent Cobb from seeking a recount of the presidential ballots cast in that county.
Cobb and Libertarian Michael Badnarik, who are jointly filing
the recount demand, are named as defendants, along with their attorneys, in
the restraining order sought by the Delaware County prosecuting attorney.
The Delaware County judge issued the temporary restraining order without
contacting or seeking any input from the candidates or their attorneys.
"This is an illegal and outrageous attempt to suppress our
rights to participate in the democratic process. As a candidate, I have a
right under Ohio law to demand a recount. If the Delaware County Board of
Elections has a problem with that, they need to take it up with the Ohio
legislature," said David Cobb.
"It makes you wonder if Delaware County has something to hide.
Why else would they try to prevent a recount and issue an injunction without
giving the candidates any notice to participate?" asked Cobb-LaMarche Media
Director Blair Bobier.
Cobb and Badnarik initiated the recount demand on November 19 by
sending letters and the appropriate bond to each of the election directors
of Ohio's 88 counties, requesting a hand count of the votes in every
precinct in every county in the state. The total cost of the bond, based on
the number of precincts in which a recount is demanded, is $113,600.
Support for a recount in Ohio is growing on a daily basis. On
Sunday, the Reverend Jesse Jackson held a press conference and rally at a
Columbus church and announced his support.
The Cobb-LaMarche campaign is now in the process of recruiting
volunteers and raising funds for monitoring the actual recount process.
Volunteers and donors should visit the campaign website,
 http://www.votecobb.org, for more information. Information about the Green
Party can be found at  http://www.gp.org.

homepage: homepage: http://www.votecobb.org