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Cheers for christian family values

The eye of big brother in your "medicine" cabinet.
Cheers for christian family values.

Now that it is no longer politically correct, the Bushite regime has
changed it's methods and now merely bribes poverty-stricken people in
order to keep the progress of science moving forward, to test harmful
substances on unsuspecting innocent victims.

Last week, the EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency, publicly
announced the start of a new study that would test the harmful
effects of children being exposed to toxic pesticides and other

The EPA study, ironically named CHEERS -- Children's Environmental
Exposure Research Study -- proposes to track how chemicals can be
ingested, inhaled, and absorbed by children, ranging in ages from a
few months old to three years old.

The EPA, is offering in exchange for exposing children to toxic
chemicals, and the subsequent health risks, to each participating
family, $970, a free video camera, a T-shirt, and a framed
certificate of appreciation.

The EPA research, is being funded by chemical corporations, such as
Dow, Exxon, Monsanto, and so on....and the results of the study will
definitely be biased in favour of the chemical industry, and will
unnecessarily endanger the health of the children being used as guinea
pigs of the state.


Taking Names 30.Nov.2004 11:26


What are the names of the children, of the Bush appointees to the EPA, and are they in this study?

where's the beef? 30.Nov.2004 11:34


No where in the EPA link you provided does it state that they are "exposing children to toxic
chemicals." So what exactly is your beef with this study?

And what does the first link have to do with the second?

Please illuminate.

comrade 30.Nov.2004 11:48

Chill Out.

Jesus, when I read the blurb I thought they were bribing people to slip their kids pesticide pills or something! Then I went to the site:

Is there any risk to me and my family?

No. You and your child will not experience any risks from participating in this study.
o We will not ask any parent to apply pesticides in their home to be a part of this study.
o You are not required to change any of your regular household routines.

Okay, so they're just looking at a sample of households, paying attention to what pesticides are used near the kids (if any) and trying to evaluate the results. I think that's a pretty good idea. My only gripe is that if Monsanto is involved there may be some skewing of the results.

Chill out is right 30.Nov.2004 12:00

very right

Let's lead our kids into the showers first and test them. The government says it is safe toxic testing.

Maybe the epa should start with ground zero 30.Nov.2004 13:27


Weren't they the ones that said it was safe to go back to ground zero...when in actuality it was not?

This has nothing to do with the testing, but everything to do with their incompetence. So now they have money to toss around? How about tossing some back over to ground zero and looking for depleted uranium.(DU)