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blanket drive??

plain and simple we need to get a blanket drive together for the homeless. this winter seems to be colder than usual, but reguardless we need to do what we can to help people stay warm.
the other night i was at back to back cafe on burnside and a homeless woman came along and began to chat with us. in the discussion the topic of the weather came up and how damn cold it is out there. she was asked if she had a blanket and she said no and i thought, WHAT THE FUCK!! i am shaking as i write this just thinking about how fucking cold it is out there and what the homeless must be going through. so i decided to go on indy media to solicit some help in organizing a blanket drive. this is urgent so please dont hesitate in getting in contact with me. i am completely open to advice sudgestions and general comments.
here is myu email address.
one planned for this weekend 30.Nov.2004 06:25


I will be taking all of my donations of blankets, toiletries, clothes and anything else I can come up with to the downtown Portland Fire Station (55 SW Ash, Ash between Naito Pkwy and 1st)this Saturday. The drive runs between 10am and 2pm. All things collected will go to the PDX Rescue Mission. It's a start....

Transition Projects is hosting coat/blanket drive 30.Nov.2004 15:28

shivacat lalawren@gmail.com

Transition Projects is hosting a coat and blanket drive with drop off barrels at Windemere Realty locations thru the 3rd week in December. I've volunteered to pick up the stuff and take it to transition projects downtown.

I had a trunkfull of blankets, and mens and womens coats. I thought 'wow how generous this should help out so many people'. That is of course until I chatted with some of the folks in line at the food place across the street. They asked if I had men's coats, women's coats, any blankets, anything. What I had would have helped maybe 10 people total. Not enough by far!

People seem to think there's always someone else who'll help out, and esp during the holidays, oh there's so many programs everyone will be taken care of. When in fact, it takes so much more than you can imagine. There is a TON of need out there!

Good for you for taking up the cause. I'm keeping my eye out for spare warm clothes and blankets to donate too - tell your friends!

another needed item...year round 30.Nov.2004 20:57


Socks. Lots of socks. Socks are important during the winter because they get wet and full of holes quickly and they're important during the summer because of the heat. People experiencing homelessness have a lot of foot problems caused by the fact that they don't have clean socks that often develop into more serious problems. Think Transition Projects, Streetroots, Sisters of the Road and the homeless youth shelters run by Janus Youth as places to donate socks. Also, Yellow Brick Road (an outreach program to homeless people) distributes a lot of socks.

Blanket Drive for the Homeless of Nashville, Tennessee 30.Oct.2006 13:53

Joe anonymous

I am interested in anyone who is willing to donate blankets for the homeless of Nashville, Tennessee.
These blankets are in need now, as cold weather and the winter months approach. Please help in anyway you can to this cause. I am very blessed so I in turn what to be a blessing in Jesus name to others.
Please contact me by e-mail if you are interested in donating to this cause.  jpeach@stthomas.org is my e-mail addy. Please help.

Thanks, Joe