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Review of "This Time We Fight", a pdx indymedia video i saw tonight

Tonight i went to the pdx indymedia video showing at It's a Beautiful Pizza (where it happens the last Monday of every month). i brought along two videos i'd edited myself from other people's footage, about Buy Nothing Day and Fur Free Friday, events that both happened last Friday. i was pretty happy with the work i had done, but once again, i was blown away and pleasantly humbled by Cat's video work. With every new video she makes, it seems, she sets a higher bar of quality. i totally steal her tricks and techniques whenever i can (and i had done so with one of the videos i brought to the showing), but as soon as i do, she's moved on, and gone to a better place already. Along with the work that other videoistas do, new territory is being explored where Corporate Media never goes. It's really inspiring.

But let me get back to "This Time We Fight", which is Cat's video about the protests in Portland on Nov. 3, the day after the sElection. It's f'n brilliant and let me tell you why...

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Corporate media is always out of focus
Corporate media is always out of focus