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Report on Election Fraud Rallies in San Francisco

Firsthand accountof Rallies at KGO and Senator Boxer's Office Monday, November 29, 2004 in San Francisco urging media coverage of the important problems with the 2004 Presidential Election and Boxer's support in standing up for the voters and democracy.

Sunday evening, I bicycled to a nearby house, to join 18 people making banners and signs in anticipation of today's rallies. Eight of us carpooled to San Francisco, delighted to see a large group of protesters, with signs already assembled before KGO, well before the scheduled begin of the 11:00 AM rally. Many joined us to help carry our incredibly long banners, and carry our many home-made signs. Over a hundred very creative, articulate, informed people gathered on the sidewalk in front of KGO, not far from another Television Station, and we were glad to see the television cameras rolling. People had come from the East Bay, Marin, San Jose, as well as San Francisco.

Our main points were emblazoned across the signs that were carried and the stories that our speakers told- in brief soundbites-

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vote fraud
vote fraud