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election fraud

Wyoming Explanation

Turnout of Registered Voters 245,789 106% begs question. So now somebody needs to confirm the existence of about 35,000 new regestrations.
Wyoming has same day registration which makes it easy for voters to come to the polls and register and vote at one time rather than coming in early to register. That is why our numbers are as such.

Lori Klassen
Elections Officer
Wyoming Secretary of State
Phone# (307)777-7186
Fax# (307)777-7640

Registered Voters
% of Eligible Voters
232,396 62%

Turnout of
Registered Voters
245,789 106%

Voters Turnout of
Eligible Voters
It begs the question. Perhap this included newly registered voters from the voting age population of 376,359 but  http://soswy.state.wy.us/election/2004/gen-reg.htm seems to indicate otherwise. I am confounded. I emailed: < elections@state.wy.us> for clairification