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"Mock Radio" in Sunday's Oregonian

LARD Larson can't take the "heat" (AKA-satire)
Whaaaa hahahaha HAAA!
I happened to catch part of LARD's show today (Monday 11-29-04)
and was he ever PISSY about the SATIRE,"Mock Radio",that was in Sunday's Oregonian!
(and was happily a THINLY-VEILED jab at HIM!)

He TRIED to act all "tough" and like it did not seem to REALLY bother him,but underneath that THIN VENEER,
you could TELL that it really DID strike a NERVE in him!
Well...boo hoo hooo and TOO DAMN BAD,LARD!

Hey,LARD likes to DISH it OUT PUBLICLY,but he sure seems that he CAN'T TAKE IT!
The BEST reaction would have been to NOT EVEN COMMENT on the article at all!
THAT would have HURT the writer of the article and the Oregonian
MUCH more than his to-be-expected pitbull "counterattack" of them on the air

But noooooo! NOT LARD!
His BIG FAT *EGO* got bruised,so HE will SHOW THEM,by Gawd!
BLAH BLAH BLAH...! Snort! Snort! Grunt! Grunt!

(Actually,were it not FOR his going on and on about it and accepting calls about it,
*I* would have NEVER even KNOWN about the article because I NEVER buy the Sunday "O"
and often never even get a chance to read it. But,THIS time I DID!
And ,I also got to TELL MANY OTHERS about it too,so THANX LARD! )

And also of course,some of his "loyal" GOON SQUAD listeners and supporters
(AKA-LARD HEADS) just HAD to ALSO call and chime in on the air with THEIR snide little
comments of INDIGNATION in "defense" of "their man" LARD.
Haaarrrr-RUMPH! Snort! Snort! Grunt! Grunt! Ook! Ook!
Well..boo hoo hoo to THEM too!

Note to LARD:
(because we KNOW that you often SPY in on indymedia although

"Hey LARD! Can't TAKE the Media HEAT?
Then stay OUT of the Media KITCHEN!"
lard larson 29.Nov.2004 17:23


i like the name "lard" larson.

another of my favorites is "sars" larson.

I am perplexed and 29.Nov.2004 18:52


for who really cares what Lars Larson has to say about anything?

Right on Rat Soup! 29.Nov.2004 19:15


Luckily I don't have to see his smug visage anymore, but I don't mind this mental image. He's your typical venal little bully ("little" in many ways, we're all willing to bet).

little bully man 29.Nov.2004 20:49

lard larceny

This is a guy who likes to get his jollies PICKING ON WAITRESSES! There was one account on pdx imc last summer (the woman got her revenge by "spicing up" his food with some of her own special sauce). Also my nephew once watched him harass a restaurant staffer to tears because he thought she was too fat. My kinsman walked up to LL and told him to shut up or he'd be really sorry when he left the place (he did).

What say you 30.Nov.2004 20:45

Porterhouse steak

I tuned in on CNW 14 and watched how is face turned beat red over the fact that he was made a fool of. The bigger lard that he throws around, is the weeks before the election he talked not stop about all of the ballot measures here in Oregon and about who should be pres. But as it turns out Lard did not even vote in the state of Oregon and if he did he broke the law because he voted in the state of Washington. Yes that is right lard is now a proud Washingtonian, if you don't believe me call the Mult. County Elections division and they well tell that he cancelled his voter's card and if you were to call the Clark county elections division he is now a registered voter up there. If you email him and ask why he still claims to still live Oregon or gives the impression that he still live in Oregon. He'll tell you that he lives in the Portland Metro area (which does have some truth to it but it is very thin). On the air he is inferring that he is an Oregon and even on his national show he well say that he is from Oregon. He yelled and screamed one the air all the way to elections night and he did not even vote here what type of crap is that? At this web site there is instructions that say if were to the Clark Co. assessments then go to maps and type in 9100 Mt Rainer Dr his name well come, well thank you for who ever did that. It just proves my point that this piece of lard is lying to the public to save listener ship, which as shrunk since 650 came up.

"Mock Radio" in Sunday's Oregonian 01.Dec.2004 10:52

rat soup

(To porterhouse steak / "What say you")

That is 620AM,and not 650. (But,anyone can make a typo) Also,GREAT comments you made,but try to be more careful with your spelling and grammar,as that kind of stuff is just what LARD would try to make big "issue" out of in his "counterattack" against anyone who DARES say ANYTHING against Thee Almighty HIM,and he would try his best (and foulest) to use even trivial things like that to belittle someone and try in some way to discredit their intelligence,etc, REGARDLESS of the REAL CONTENT of their comments.
(and in many cases,BECAUSE of that CONTENT)

Remember,this IS what BULLIES DO,since usually buliies are often dealing with their own particular personal issues deep down inside,and I would wager that LARD is no exception,although he puts up a good front.

Hey,we ALL make misspellings and grammatical errors,and I am NO exception,but in certain forums,it is best to try to avoid doing that because it certainly isn't a good idea to give any opposition more "ammo" of any kind than what they may already have,or at the least think they have.

Remember,there is MORE than just ONE definition of that term "mock radio", ESPECIALLY concerning the type of "talk" radio that LARD pollutes the airwaves with.

Otherwise,keep UP the GOOD work!