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Group Joins Columbia County Sheriff's Department in Effort to Bring Animal Abuser to Justice
For Immediate Release:
November 23, 2004

Martin Mersereau 757-622-7382
St. Helens, Ore. A family's companion pig, named Charlie, was dragged from his home and killed on November 5. His butchered remains were discovered the next day by the side of the road in a remote part of Columbia County. He had been gutted, his heart had been removed, and some of his organs were discovered in a cooler near his body. Police have yet to make any arrests in connection with Charlie's killing and mutilation.

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homepage: homepage: http://www.peta.org/news/NewsItem.asp?id=5407

What's disturbing too is that this animal likely had 29.Nov.2004 22:28

the vegan police force

a much better life, and possibly even better death, than most other pigs. As a family pet, cruelty laws will apply to this pig. However...the pigs humans eat are a different story. Pigs are farmed so horribly - some in crates so small that they can't even turn around for their whole lives - until they're loaded onto transport trucks (in cold areas some have even frozen to death on the way to slaughter), and make the fearful walk down the truck plank to be butchered at the slaughterhouse. There's no humanity in the life of the average pig. Those who might eat animals, who read about the death of this pig with some horror - it's time to stop contributing to the suffering of food animals too... Here's some info: