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It's Over

Time to face the truth.

It's Over

Author: Stephen DeVoy

Some of us have been hanging tough, hoping for an improvement or even a light at the end of the tunnel that is the descent of America into Hell. I know I have. Well, I regret to inform you that I found this very, very, very powerful four dimensional telescope and looked far, far ahead into the future and what I saw is not good. That's putting it lightly. Let me reword it, what I've seen is the grim reality of a nation without freedom, without hope and without an economy. That's it, folks. It's over.

Now, if you've been waiting for things to improve, stop waiting. It's not going to get better. It's only going to get worse - much, much worse - worse than you can imagine. Let me put it this way, you won't live long enough to see the United States turn around and no, that's not because the United States is about to evaporate under the bright flash of a nuclear weapon, it's because the United States is going to have a very long, slow death brought about not by weapons of mass destruction but by a plague of ignorance. At the head of this plague of ignorance you have the New Republican party with rank and file red-necks following behind it, waving their flags with glossy eyes (the kind you see bulging from the faces of cult members) and behind them, a long train of tired looking Democrats trying to figure out where the fuck their going and why their going their but not doing anything about their predicament.

There you are, watching this or perhaps wandering there with the Democrat zombies, and here I am writing to you and urging you to snap out of it. SNAP OUT OF IT! The United States of America may be on a death march, but you don't have to follow along like a pathetic lemming, dragging your legs to the abyss. It might surprise you to know this, but we can actually leave! Yes! We can leave the United States and not come back, taking with us our talent, our expertise and our idealism. To north there is Canada. Things are kind of similar there, only more rational and that rational difference makes a big difference. To the southeast there is Cuba. If you are a hardcore socialist, why head to Cuba? Sure, Cuba is authoritarian but Castro won't be around forever, in fact, he may not make it through another year. Cuba could use your technical skills and the weather is great.

Of course, there is Mexico and Central America. Things aren't great there right now, the economy is poor, but perhaps a large influx of Americans equipped with their first world skills could turn things around? South America is another option. Chile is doing well. Brazil even has a space program.

My point is simple, you don't have to put up with Bush and his legion of zombies. I don't have to put up with them. What are we waiting for? After fighting hard for so long to keep this country from committing national suicide, don't we deserve a break? After all, we are not the one's who decided to march to Hell. Let the zombies carry on without us.

And yes, the zombies will cheer our departure. They will chide us and cluck like hens over their great fortune to be rid of us, but that is all for the better. They won't erect barriers to our departure until its too late - for them.

the trouble with this is... 30.Nov.2004 05:55


The other countries don't want us either. It's very hard to get a work visa, you have to have a job FIRST. I'd be gone within a year if it was possible. I have a 15 yr old son that I am sure Bush or the next Fascist has earmarked for cannon meat. Better to get out before they lock all the kids up and prepare them to die.

They REALLY don't want us 30.Nov.2004 14:14


LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT is a nice catchy phrase but is much more difficult in reality. Most countries(especially third world ones) have strict immigration laws that are pretty well enforced in most cases. I lived for 13 years in the Philippines legally as the equivalent of a green card holder here and I was never granted a work permit. My wife was a Philippine citizen and we had a small business in her name and that sustained us but most people don't have that ability. My daughter lived and worked for a year in Belize after college. During that time she was hasseled by the locals and immigration for working and at the end of the year was told by the immigration lady stamping her visa extention that she never wanted to see her again! During that time she worked for starvation wages and lived at a level and in conditions that would be totally unacceptable for the average middle-class American. Some countries sell passports but they are usually very expensive. New Zealand passports cost around two million dollars!

The concept that Americans have anything special to offer other countries is mostly a reflection of our own inflated opinion of ourselves, by the way.