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Bizarre Car Fire in NE Portland

Saturday night, November 27, a car was set on fire in the street near the corner of 12th Avenue and Roselawn in Northeast Portland.

A resident who lives nearby heard some loud slamming noises and then a "whoomp" sound, in his words, at about 1:40 am Saturday night/Sunday morning. Looking out the window he saw a car on fire across the street. A fire engine arrived almost immediately. He reports "I was too excited to remember to take pictures, but the visuals were awesome! The fire must have been oil/gas and the fire dept had these super strong lights shining on everything. Steam and white billowing smoke surrounded the area."

The eyewitness added "Cops arrived 30 minutes after I called 911. I was the only person in the neighborhood watching the fire. The tar has melted and the road has visibly sunk a couple of inches around the burnt car. No smell though."
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