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Lake Oswego Police target poor and non whites

Lake Oswego Police target poor and non whites in traffic stops
Has anyone had any problems with the Lake Oswego Police profiling them because they were not white or they were poor? There has been many reported instances of them pulling over "older beat up" cars for no reason other then "they look out of place" in Lake Oswego. Also have been reports of them pulling over cars that have a black male and white female occuping just to make sure "the female was OK." Also been numerous reports of African Americans and Hispanics being pulled over and harrassed, sometimes kept at a traffic stop for over 2 hours and then let go with no ticket or charges.

Go into Lake Oswego City Hall on Wednesday late afternoons on traffic ticket arraignment day, and you will see mostly the poor and non white.

I know many things get posted here on indymedia about the Portland police, but I think it is time that other area cities are exposed as well, like Lake Oswego as it is right next door to us here in Portland and many of us have to drive through there for work or whatever.

Any comments or first/second hand accounts will be appreciated.

My brother is a Lake Oswego cop 29.Nov.2004 13:13


My brother is a officer at the Lake Oswego Police Department. I can assure you that he is a good guy, and only enforces the law. It is unfortunate that many get profiled, but it is inevitable. Stereotypes only develop because they have some basis of truth to them. Obviously this is not always true, but if it were not overwhelmingly accurate the stereotype would never develop. Still this is not a reason to pull someone over, but as a private investigator it is nearly impossible to not let stereotypes become a factor in the cases. This is a bit harsh, but why the hell would any black person want to live in Lake "NO Negro" oops I mean Oswego? Move to N.E., it is much better. As for crooked cops in Lake Oswego, they are no different then cops all over the states. Get used to it, if you are black and driving a jalopy, chances are your going to get pulled over. On the flipside, if you are black and your car is too nice, be careful also.

LKO sucks 29.Nov.2004 13:57

cops=new day nazis

I worked in LKO for 4 years.

I remember getting pulled over for almost anything. About 8 times.

I caught them lying three times and twice I made them appologize for profiling everyone with long hair as hippies and pot-heads. The sentence, "here's my lawyer's business card" goes a long way in dealing with cops that harbor nazi like feelings of hate and distrust deep inside.

Remember, these folks aren't exactly meducated. They just simple, so they are much easier to manipulate and control. Last time I checked, you only needed a two year degree to apply to the academy.

I would love to see a bunch of black men with 12" dicks to fuck the wife of every little 2" dick havin' white boy in LKO. then maybe they'll get over their fears of black men. Oh by the way, I hear middle-eastern men are hung like horses too, better watchout for those terrorists.

I was just kidding about the last statement, ofcourse. But, come on! stop profiling, even if it maybe true in some instances.

That's what the nazis did. they dehumanized(profiled) the jews and anyone who stood against them, or who challenged their media controlled social image of their fellow countrymen.

turnaround is fairplay 29.Nov.2004 23:52


For a cool flick, see "Memorias del Subdesarrollo" (Memories of Underdevelopment). It's a Cuban movie from the 60s that reminds me of a friend of mine who spent some time in Nicaragua in the 80s. He always kinda hated the cops here instinctively, but he kinda liked the Nicaraguan cops, because in those days everything there was "upsidedown." In Nicaragua in the 80s, as in the movie "Memorias," the rich white people are the ones who are profiled. And everyone considers it natural for them to be suspected of crimes, like gouging their tenants, or taking advantage of poor girls for sexual favors, etc, etc. In the movie, the poor protagonist (a rich landlord) is jacked up on false accusations and nearly gets convicted. Luckily for him, his accuser's story falls apart. In early post-revolutionary Cuba, as in Nicaragua, the crimes of the rich against the poor took priority for police attention.

For a confirmed leftist it's hard not to derive a certain "Schadenfreude" ("guilty pleasure") from such scenarios. But the point is not to revel in revenge fantasies, but to recognize the true relativity of the typical "criminal profile" and the arbitrary, socially and politically determined priorities of the police. Consider: How many died in Bhopal due to Union Carbide's criminal negligence? At least several thousand, and longterm probably tens to hundreds of thousands were devastated directly or indirectly by that disaster. But where's the extradition order for Union Carbide Chairman Warren Anderson, as sought by an Indian court? ( http://www.democracynow.org/article.pl?sid=03/04/07/037222) Why do the cops racially profile darker skinned people, while the richest white men of Anderson's ilk go unmolested? And how many dark-complected, blue-collar criminals have ever stood accused of killing thousands of whites, much less gotten away unscathed?

I believe Ralph Nader's group Public Citizen has published estimates of the total costs of "white collar crimes" to society, in lives and money. They swamp all the "blue-collar crime" put together. Yet the latter crime category is grist for the mills of innumerable pulp TV tabloids like "COPS," thus reinforcing the same racist and classist stereotypes over and over, while the former category is ... well, practically invisible in the popular corporate mass media. Big surprise. Actually, no surprise at all to anyone with a well informed left critique of the corporate media.

Consider but one "small" example for illustration: Congressional testimony by public health experts has indicted three of the biggest US companies (Standard Oil of New Jersey (Exxon), Dupont, and General Motors) of conspiring to keep leaded gasoline on the market in the US for 65 years despite well known public health risks, resulting in moderate to acute lead poisoning of an estimated 60 million predominantly poor and inner city US youth, with untold subtle but devastating effects on everything from mental development to scholastic performance and future life chances. So, how many of the executives responsible for these crimes saw the inside of a jail cell? How many were even "profiled" by suspicious cops? (see Jamie Lincoln Kitman, "Secret History of Lead," The Nation, March 2, 2000;  http://www.thenation.com/doc.mhtml?i=20000320&c=1&s=kitman)

Yet it's typical of the capitalist system to try and make us accept without questioning that its priorities are somehow "natural." We always hear that it's only "reasonable" that the "usual suspects" are who they say they are, from the usual class and racial backgrounds, etc. But radicalism is all about learning to question and think outside this establishmentarian box.

There's a reason it's called 17.Dec.2004 16:13

White Riot

There's a reaon the locals call it "lake No Negro" ? and the police are there to continue that proud honor...

The car just has to be old. 07.May.2005 13:40


My girlfriend just got pulled over in her shiny blue 77 Toyota Celica. Not a dent or scratch on it and quiet too, no fart can muffler. They followed her roughly 2 miles before pulling her over. She goes to school at Marylhurst and edits medical reports for a group of doctors out there.

Three times this month 03.Jun.2005 23:54


I've been pulled over in Lake Oswego three times this month, pretty much for NO REASON. My car is "idling too loudly", or what am I "doing in Lake Oswego?". I got a $100 ticket for going a few miles over the limit in my 88 beat up car. I go to Lake No Negro to WORK at the theatre there and entertain the blue hairs. Gonna have to stop if I keep getting this treatment from the cops.

My Eyes 07.Jun.2005 12:01

disturbed & appalled

So what year are we in and we still have all these ignorant people out here?! I didn't know that when I started working out here in Lake Oswego a month ago that I was actually working in a money, looks, status, & WHITE driven community. After working out here, I would NEVER recommend Lake Oswego as a place to raise your family. Everyone that comes out of this neighborhood will only have the skills of how to hate black people and those with less money than themselves.

Ex: of my racially discriminating experience; I had the police called on me because I was sitting in a parking garage for about 20 minutes, waiting to go to work at 8:30 AM and just happened to have my fiance and his cousin with me who happened to be black. Heaven forbid, RIGHT? Their skin is dark so they must be either hurting me or selling drugs............. thats what all these snobby white folks and the Negro police assumed.

If it wasnt for employment, I would never come out to this part of town. I thought the days of discrimination were over long ago; but I guess white folks are intimidated to just let it go.

Different Experience 13.Jun.2005 00:02


I bet that my experience in Lake Oswego is probably the norm. People don't usually write about good expeirences. That is why I only read bad ones here. I had a flat tire on my way home from work. I was on the main street of Lake oswego. A police officer stopped to help me change my tire. He did not have to stop and he did not have to help. He did both. He treated me with respect and kindness. He treated me nicer than many of the "guests" in the restaurant I work in. I think that some people just like to profile. Some of the people who wrote here are just as guilty of profiling as anyone - they profiled the lake Owsego police who are just orking for a living like the rest of us.