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Bizarre Car Fire in NE Portland

A car was apparently firebombed in a residential Northeast Portland neighborhood Saturday night.
Saturday night, November 27, a car was set on fire in the street near the corner of 12th Avenue and Roselawn in Northeast Portland.

A resident who lives nearby heard some loud slamming noises and then a "whoomp" sound, in his words, at about 1:40 am Saturday night/Sunday morning. Looking out the window he saw a car on fire across the street. A fire engine arrived almost immediately. He reports "I was too excited to remember to take pictures, but the visuals were awesome! The fire must have been oil/gas and the fire dept had these super strong lights shining on everything. Steam and white billowing smoke surrounded the area."

Firefighters took approximately 20 minutes to put out the fire, their efforts slowed by the fact that the hood appeared welded down or otherwise stuck closed. They smashed it open with axes.

The eyewitness added "Cops arrived 30 minutes after I called 911. I was the only person in the neighborhood watching the fire. The tar has melted and the road has visibly sunk a couple of inches around the burnt car. No smell though."
Hmmmm 29.Nov.2004 16:06


Did it have a Bush sticker on it?

Lemming Report 29.Nov.2004 22:22


It's been said that those "support the troops" ribbon magnets are prone to spontaneous combustion.