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Videos from the Resistance Tonight at IBP

Where: It's a Beautiful Pizza (SE 33rd-ish and Belmont)
When: Tonight, November 29th, at 7pm.
Admission: Goodwill and a Pure Heart
Yes, the "election" was a cruel joke, the forests continue to fall, fascism is rising, and imperialist war rages in our own streets and those of the middle east. But enough despair. Time to shake off the dust of apathy and get back to work. Come to It's a Beautiful Pizza this Wednesday night to see what's happening in the resistance, and get inspired to act.

Now showing:

This Time We Fight: On November 3rd, the day after the death of the myth of American democracy, the people of Portland came together to express their rage. Although more than half of all Americans rejected the current genocidal regime, bushCo initiated yet another American coup. Hundreds of people choked down their despair to come to the streets to be heard. Meanwhile, the jackbooted peons of the police state ignored their own misgivings and brutally attacked demonstrators. While crimes against humanity continued to rage unabated from the Whitehouse, the Portland police bureau guarded crosswalks from illegal jaywalking with brute force and chemical weapons. But many of the police officers had to acknowledge that even they believed the election was a sham. So bushCo, how much longer do you think they will continue protect you?

DeadRon: Irreverent sci-fi chronicling a bizarre plot to steal the 2004 presidential election. Loosely following Joseph Campbell's Hero's journey, this video follows the transformation of a senile half-wit from forgotten obscurity to super-hero status, where his super power is in the ability of his lifeless carcass to re-write history.

After the Last Stand: An exploration of the impact of the death of the last Pacific rainforests on the landscape of the soul. Features footage from Solo, God's Valley, Humbolt County, the Olympic Rainforests, and other forests here and gone.

Peta, Porn, and the Corporate Media: A powerful deconstruction of Peta's disturbing tactics. This video portrays the painful struggle of the filmmaker, who is caught between two causes she believes in. On one side are animal rights activists who have run out of ideas about how to get through to the notoriously deaf and blind American public. On the other side, the human rights of women, who are grotesquely exploited by Peta, both on their website and on the streets. While a woman is chained naked in the rain to bring attention to the issue of animal rights, other women pose in lingere to sell products for Peta. The question arises, can we really free one hand by shackeling another?

Just Another Day in O'Bryant Square: This is the most recent chapter in the pdx indy video collective's chronicle of the war against homeless people that is raging in the streets of Portland. Every day, almost every hour, in O'Bryant square, street kids are harassed, abused, arrested, and often beaten by Portland's "finest." The city ignores these abuses and turns toward the lucrative gentrification projects underway downtown. Homeless children, after all, are getting in the way of progress.

Bitter Pill: The emotional oddessey of a disturbed mind.

Possibly also a video on Buy Nothing Day, and maybe even a Fur Free Friday video. VFTR shows are always a thrill!
and also... 29.Nov.2004 12:13


I'll also be bringing a short piece I've done on the International Caravan to Juarez, in which activists from all over the country (including the Northwest) converged on Juarez to demand justice in the cases of hundreds of murdered women. You may have read about it elsewhere on this site.

two more finished in the last hour 29.Nov.2004 17:49


i just finished editing pieces on Buy Nothing Day and Fur Free Friday, which both happened last Friday, the 26th. The Buy Nothing Day video is a 5-minute playful romp, like the actions themselves. The Fur Free Friday video is a little over 9 minutes, is more serious (befitting the action and subject), and has some experimental editing and some very shocking imagery.

they both should make for some great indy video watching!