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why we can not win this war and the similarities between vietnam and iraq
Shadow of Vietnam Falls Over Iraq River Raids

CHARD DUWAISH, Iraq, Nov. 28 - As marines aboard fast patrol boats roared up the Euphrates on a dawn raid on Sunday, images pressed in of another American war where troops moved up wide rivers on camouflaged boats, with machine-gunners nervously scanning riverbanks for the hidden enemy.
That war is rarely mentioned among the American troops in Iraq, many of whom were not yet born when the last American combat units withdrew from Vietnam more than 30 years ago. A war that America did not win is considered a bad talisman among those men and women, who privately admit to fears that this war could be lost.

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Personal note:


The war I am talking about is one where the United States for whatever reason invades another country and thinks that we will show them how to live. The main reason we will not win this war and set up anything that will resemble a democracy is the Shi'is who will wait until we leave and then take over the country----end of story.

The Shi'i leaders are not fools, they have the votes to control any election, over 60% of the population of Iraq are Shi 'is. The religious sects in Iraq are not like political parties, they control every aspect of your life. There is little if any disagreement within the group. The Bush Administration is treating the religious groups like they were democrats, they are not!

I know, I know, Rummy hates anyone who starts talking about similarities to Vietnam. We lost over 58,000 men and women in Nam and never had a chance to win the war-----our two options were to leave or kill everyone in the country. We trained the South Vietnamese to go and kill the North Vietnamese. Let's think about this for a few seconds mmmm. Let's say we were under occupation and the nice people who were occupying us wanted to put down an insurgent uprising in Seattle. So, what the good and holy occupiers decided to do was train some national guard guys from Portland. Now here is the master plan, the occupiers after lots of bombing and the use of tanks to blow the hell out of Seattle, kill everything that moves, and then sends in the Portland National Guard to go house to house and kill anything that moves or looks like it may move. Even when you have the Portland guys thinking that this has to be done, do you think they will be pissed that the nice occupiers are forcing them to kill their fellow Americans, ----What do you think?

Now you are getting it, don't run away, you now understand why you can not win this type of war, it is really simple, human beings hate occupiers, no matter how nice, holy, free, generous or shitty----it doesn't matter, occupiers are always hated.

The battle for Fallujah will not decide this war, we won----killed lots of people, now what ? The people will have to return to a ruined city that at one time must have been a beautiful and wonderful city---now rubble, the nice and holy occupiers are very sorry, and will rebuild you city for you. What do you think? Will the people of Fallujah forgive their holy and generous occupiers or be just a little pissed----come on, what do you think?

I could go on and on, but why? If you don't get it yet, you will never get it!

so true 29.Nov.2004 22:17


Can't win this..

Wars are fought but never won. Our leaders are so corrupt they do not need congress to declare war. Our leaders are so corrupt they pretend that there is reason to go to war. Our leaders are so corrupt they pretend that the reason for war miss reason. Our leaders are so corrupt
they can't see the need for reason.

So my point is this is not a war. This is an occupation or a police action. There is nothing to win, but perhaps reason.

Will find reason when it is greater than our thrist for oil? Will we find reason when our thirst for blood is comes home?

How Stupid ARE We? 29.Nov.2004 22:45


as stupid as American Corporate Mass Media wants us to be.

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