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Psychic Systems and Economic Growth

We psychic systems are robots that first become people by understanding how the systems function.. The system is not optimal if an economic system squanders potential. Mass unemployment is a mega-squandering.. The system is the tyrant. Let's change the program,,

By Norbert

[This essay originally published November 5, 2004 is translated from the German on the World Wide Web,  http://www.feldpolitik.de/feldblog/item.php?I=238.]

People are psychic systems. This sounds harsh and inhuman but is unfortunately true. A few are aware how massively they are influenced by their environment. People are ultimately nothing but the result of all their experiences that some time or other streamed into them (all life is communication!). Most processes in these psychic systems run automatically and follow simple rules.

One of these rules of psychic systems is that what is often communicated marks them. This process is called "learning". Repetition is the mother of wisdom. The psychic system follows very simple mechanisms of evaluation. It takes the impressions of the past and infers the future of their basis. Whenever the same signals on a theme stream in, these signals are accepted as unalterable or "true". In this way a psychic system orients itself in a complex environment. If all its rules and "truths" were constantly questioned, its "real" activities could not be carried out.

One of the model explanations in this society communicated again and again is the fairy-tale of perpetual exponential economic growth. For years this wonder drug was praised as the only way out of crisis. The abridged causal chain of the psychic systems supports this thesis: More economic growth in the past brought more prosperity and less unemployment. A simple cause-effect chain is derived from this: Only economic growth can solve unemployment as a problem. The assumption that experts know their subject has created growth-believers in all sectors of society, particularly in the media. When media movers and shakers make the media with this dogma in their heads, this dogma of the economy religion is prayed again and again toward the mass of physic systems. This is manifest in the global thinking of the society consisting of psychic systems.


Psychic systems utilize this knowledge to maintain their power position. For example, people know: Never discuss things worth discussing but simply assume they are completely normal and resolved matters. The current discussion about abolishing a holiday to increase economic growth is instructive. Make a proposal that no one will accept, October 3, a quasi holy date for nation state fetishists. Divert the arising debate to another day - Pentecost Monday - and avoid a principled discussion about the god-awful idea. Why not abolish all holidays?

We psychic systems are robots that first become people by understanding how the systems function. We robots are governed by complete idiots. This whole German government is just as untenable as the whole German opposition and is worse than a zoo...

The economic growth debate is organized by the completely wrong side! The question why unemployment exists to this extent should be raised, not the question how unemployment disappears by means of more growth.

What is the cause of unemployment? In itself unemployment is pointless. People want prosperity. The more people work, the more prosperity occurs since more helping hands create more prosperity. However unemployment torpedoes this goal and counteracts the purpose of the economy - prosperity.

Promoting human prosperity should be the goal of an economic system. If an economic system like our current system inadequately fulfills this by squandering potential (mass unemployment is a mega-squandering), the system is not optimal. To speak with Mutabor, the system is the tyrant. Let us change the program. "Excuse us, we are economic programmers and can repair this... "

Mass unemployment can be repaired very easily. Only a few monopolies need to fall and this phenomenon will disappear by itself. Thee is a book on this theme that illuminates the whole subject in detail. Will "those above" get the message where their view of the world hardened over decades is repudiated? We don't need "those above". We only need a critical mass of psychic systems that delight in testing new possibilities.

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