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American fascists love PBS

Bill Moyers is stepping down from his PBS show, Rather has stepped down, is this the writing on the wall? Retirement or getting out while the getting is good?
Truthout has reported that Bill Moyers will be leaving his popular liberal "now" show. The program will be reduced to a 1/2 hour and stuck in between republican hate pundits, like that guy that tries to wear a bowtie as a gimmick. Don't worry about his name, it's worth forgetting.

The article goes on to tell about a new show we can expect, spewing forth more "family values", most likely, that will not include any queer eyes. In one quote, Moyers said, "I just think every time you wed the state and business together like this, you get corruption flowing like the Mississippi River,"

In not so many words, Mussolini said that fascism should rightly be called "corporatism", since it's the merger of business and government. Don't worry, it's just a coincidence.

Corruption, fascism, or corporatism...either way, doesn't look good for the future of America. Are these feds and pundits leaving to get out of dodge, before we get some more state sponsored terror? I'm not talking the big kind, just more terror alerts, stripping of liberties, and media control. Then again, a war with Iran seems likely, a draft, and if your not buying it this time, just look out your window, someone will tell you about the mushroom cloud dreams they had, just watch PBS.

This looks like a changing of the guard, just a rotation, the next push into selling the American empire. When you have corporations running government, they only know one thing...how to sell and make money. Advertising usually works, and today's hot new product is the American empire, the new symbol will not be the stars and stripes, but the world will fear the yellow ribbon of global domination. The world will replace the nazi symbol as it's most hated, with the American symbol of fascism...support our troops and send some more.

Manifest destiny.

Bill Moyers Leaves PBS in the Middle of a Rebalancing Act
the first amendment 29.Nov.2004 08:30

still under attack

With ads from Coca Cola, Mobil, auto manufacturers (thinly disguised as programming) and plenty of mega-corporations offering their underwriting, PBS has been on a long downhill slide toward becoming a corporate shill. However, in this year of (another) blatantly stolen presidential election, the self-censorship, and outright censorship of our newsmedia show that our first amendment rights to expression and political dissent are under attack.
If it were not for independent media (no matter how flawed)we'd have no forum for our views and analysis.
The trouble is, how do we reach the mainstream?

PBS used to be reasonably good 29.Nov.2004 08:48


I have supported OPB for many years, but they "Jumped the Shark" when they put on Tucker Carlson and things are only getting worse. I'll be damned if I help subsidise that crap. I'm switching my support to KBOO.

Pull the Plug Already 29.Nov.2004 09:28

small fry

PBS has so deteriorated that it no longer has any relevance. Who cares what pathetic milque-toast blather that the senile Daniel Schorr is going to say? Or Susan Stanberg? She is going to interview a mother about baking schnitzel and we will all have empathy? For what?

Stop supporting PBS crap. They were compromised more than ten years ago and have been a deflating old windbag ever since.

Support your own local Food Co-operatives, Indymedia, and green candidates.

Be the media! Be the economy! Reject the whole fascist corporate nightmare and bring it down.

Alternative support 29.Nov.2004 09:30

Brian Setzler

I enjoy PBS at times so I do support them, but only at the minimum. Alternatives like KBOO, The Portland Alliance and other non-corporate publications get my support at higher levels.

It is important to let OPB and PBS now they how they could do a better job through their member services.

me too 29.Nov.2004 09:57

uncle sam

That's exactly what I said when I read this. No more money to propaganda machines. If you read the article from truthout, there is a reason for this. American fascism is popular, it sells. Killing terrorists is like, so cool dude. So cool, they won't show you it on american mass media, just tell you about it, so you know it's true.

Huh? What's that? Oh, those are just coffins of american soldiers, don't sweat the small stuff. They're fighting for...well, they're fighting for nothing, that much should be clear to most by now. It's just that it doesn't matter to anyone...unless it's your kid.

Yup I said it, american lives are being wasted for profit. Ahhh, now I feel better. Raise your budweisers, soon Iraq will be totally free and elect Allawi as their leader and join us in the fight against terrorism...wait, I thought Iraqi's were terrorists? or are those foreign fighters? al-qaeda?...does it really matter? Just kill them all and let jesus sort it out. Forget god, jesus the avenger is coming...when he lifts his mighty sword of american morality, all will tremble with fear from the wrath of jesus and his dominion theologists. The people of the sand will accept jesus as their saviour, before they are smited down like the infidels they are.

Heil Bush! Heil Bush! Heil Bush!

So much for the experiment in democracy...hey, it was good for a couple of hundred years, be thankfull for that. Now some other country can lead the world to freedom. Grab some popcorn, turn on the 700club, and watch armageddon unfold.

Jesus IS coming, you know how I know...because bush said so and his finger is on the button...thy will be done.

(except he's playing the religious right, just like he's playing the compassionate conservatives, anything for a buck)

Take Berlitz Course - Watch Euro TV 29.Nov.2004 10:40


Fuck OPB. How about "German TV" available via www.globecastwtv.com and/or Dish sat. Actually german TV was voted most critical of Iraq war by critical journalists even above and beyond El Jazeerah (sic). Unfortunately, the German gov't will probably pull the plug on it before long because of the budget. Yes, it is Guppern'ment (public) TV. However, the fact that the own gov't is dragged through the dirt gives me some assurance of independence.

So what is Rockefellar TV up to? 29.Nov.2004 10:50


So they decided the show we are starring in called "Fascist America" needs a fresh lively script re-write.

Maybe they can go back in history and see what old scripts have gathered dust and do an updated modern version. Like "The Heart of Darkness" or perhaps "The Inferno". Oh wait a minute that would be too high brow even for PBS.

Let's not forget why they invented and promoted TV to begin with. They script your mind to prepare you for your role in their version of Reality.

sure 29.Nov.2004 16:20


and there are self-proclaimed fascists on Local Acces Cable. Real, swastika wairing ass-holes. Can you believe that? They air events from Beaverton and Lake Osweago. People tend to think that in this day and age things like that just don't happen. Think again. Of course, those are the old kind of nazis, the outdated, obsolete ones, and we must stop confusing the two.
You see, they havn't figured out that you can screw over a LOT MORE PEOPLE if you make yourself accesible to all races, genders, etc. The Neo-Colonialists we see on PBS are a lot smarter, (And the one's we don't see on TV are smarter still) we need to give them that due credit- so as to understand that this more inclusive policy is much more deadly.

opb 29.Nov.2004 20:37

king friday

fuck those pigs at opb. they're the most dangerous media system in the area because otherwise intelligent people think they're getting real information when they're basically getting fox with classical music in the background. anyone associated with them should be treated as the propagandistic cunts they are, and should be driven immediately from any progressive media organization. and cut the shit with saying you support them just for the tiny piece of marginal infotainment they spatter out between the slugging of bush love fest propaganda, anyone who gives them money is complicit in the damage they do.

walmart just gave npr 300mil should say it all. reference: counterspin

New Indy 30.Nov.2004 12:16

Tom Johnson

If Indy can choose to edit features from Corp. News what value is it that stops them from editing Age and gender based hate. We have all seen it during the past months.

"Cunts' how good of you king Friday so informative and revealing of the site.

Time to wash your socks Indy.