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Afraid of the Present, so what of the Future?

Is anyone else out there so afraid for the future that they don't know what to do. I believe that I am a normal, rational american, but I just can't help it that I have this horrible feeling when it comes to the future. I just can't figure out what is driving the people running the government. They seem to be acting without reason, or out of pure greed and a lust for power. Where will this lead us. I feel frustrated with protest because most of america isn't listening. When the everyday american does hear about a protest they don't care. Maybe we are doing something wrong, or they are getting seriously blind to the plight of the world. or maybe callous. What has happened to the america that believed in civil rights and justice..real justice. Maybe the neo-con propaganda machine is bigger and more elusive than anyone can imagine. anyone have any advice.

red suspenders suggests: talk to all your friends, relatives, neighbors, especially those of different backrounds- you will find many allies you didn't know you had.