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2 + 2 = Five

There will never be another free and fair election in America ever again if George Bush is inaugurated as the President of the United States on January 20th. 2005 or at least until there is a civil war restablishing an open democracy.
2 + 2 = Five

By Lloyd Hart

There will never be another free and fair election in America ever again if George Bush is inaugurated as the President of the United States on January 20th. 2005 or at least until there is a civil war restablishing an open democracy. The 20 year long process of entrenching "Electronic Jim-Crow" will soon be complete. Now that the unverifiable paperless electronic voting systems have spread throughout most of the South they will now be entrenched in every county in every red state making it absolutely impossible for any left-wing candidate to be elected locally, statewide or nationally therefore creating a permanent right wing majority state to state and in the electoral college. With the radical right wing control of the House, Senate and the White House it is only a matter of time before a bill is passed and signed into law creating as a national standard the unverifiable paperless electronic touch screen voting system.

A permanent right wing State Supreme Court and U.S. Supreme Court system will be more deeply entrenched making it impossible for constitutional recourse on any level. Federal court and Federal appeals court judiciary positions will be picked off and supplanted with right wing hacks. What is left of Free Speech in America will simply die an ideological death along with the thin veil of democracy that the present regime hid behind for nearly 200 years.

The Handmaid's Tale

As you read this, right wing forces in the U.S. Senate are about to do away with the ability of senators to filibuster essentially creating the perception of a non confrontational process in the Senate. Not that it matters anyway as it was proven when Senator Barbara Boxer and the rest of the Democrats in the Senate rolled over when the Senate approved rolling back women's rights to control their own bodies by preventing all federally funded hospitals, clinics, doctors and nurses and all subsequent staff from providing sound medical "facts" to women who inquire into said "facts" in the matter of abortion.

With what has just occurred in Fallujah, Iraq, 6000 murdered Iraqi men, women and children and in the U.S. Senate, crushing American healthcare workers free-speech rights we are getting more than just a taste of the shit pie that is coming if George Bush is allowed to become the president one more time.

Now that two plus two equals five the only place for us is in the streets.

For someone like me with decades of the election experience in Canada and the U.S. it was very easy to analyze and then predict that there would not be free and fair elections in the United States of America in 2004. And now that we are at the other end of that prediction and the fascist regime of George Bush has deepened its conquest to create a more perfect political monopoly we on the left need to openly discuss the way forward.

It is clear that the spectrum from liberal to the enlightened left is indeed the majority in America. In fact Madison Avenue would laugh anybody out of the room that attempted to market product in America along some Right wing "Christianist" morals based principles derived from what the corporate media pundits are saying swung the election to Bush. As one Madison Avenue executive told me the other day. "The numbers just aren't there".

So if the real numbers are on our side and we truly want to establish real democracy in America then we must discredit the election on the facts and only the facts in order to get our numbers into the streets in a continuous act of noncooperation against a monolithic corporate governance that no longer has the slightest regard for even the pretense of democracy.

How to get the left to agree with the left that the election was stolen from the left and not just John Kerry.

There has indeed been enough evidence accumulated to prove fraud right across the board however the starting point for novices should be with electronic voting machines that have no audible paper trail and in fact have no audible software component and because the widespread use of these machines counts the most votes, 50 million votes. These machines were used to adjust the election very neatly in small ways in counties across land that the Bush regime and their armies of election thieves could explain away with their right wing noise machine, the corporate media and its cute little cousin in yellow journalism NPR.

UC Berkeley Research Team Sounds 'Smoke Alarm' for Florida E-Vote Count
Research Team Calls for Investigation

It is important that people on the left describe to people on the left that these unaudible machines and their processes actually create the perception of the intent to commit voter fraud - not just being the worst idea that ever came into an election process because you cannot verify election results - followed by - Why did Republicans in the Florida senate vote to block the implementation of an audible paper trail component to these machines? - followed by some historonics - Because the Dixiecrats' took over the Republican Party (Strom Thurman's legacy) it only makes sense that they would invent "Electronic Jim Crow" and then you should recommend to people to Google the words Jim Crow and then go to the following Real News web sites:


The standards for conviction with or without direct evidence in any charge brought by the government or any allegation publicly made are very low in the U.S.. In fact there are dozens of people sitting on death row convicted on just circumstantial evidence alone, no direct evidence whatsoever.

In the case of voter fraud committed by America's organized right wing operating under the authority of the Republican Party there is enough direct evidence illustrating a convincing pattern of a broad conspiracy to steal the election of November 2, 2004 in the U.S. that it would make former mob boss John Gotti blush in his grave.

As more and more people come to the realization that America's shadow government has come out of the shadows and is no longer threatened by the daylight of the media they now own oh so completely and is it no longer threatening the social and environmental compact in America but is rather acting aggressively and violently against it in the open instead of covertly as was done past.

As the very oppression that the U.S. government turned outward to cow Europe and on Third World nations in order to exploit those weaker nation's resources is now being turned inward directly at the American people themselves by the direct theft of state and national elections, the only place left for us to go is into the streets.

Into the streets to demand new elections conducted on a precinct observed and precinct counted paper ballot and the unrestricted right to run for office any office regardless of immigration status. It was good enough to elect George Washington it's good enough to elect me.

Into the streets because we don't want to be shown up a Ukrainian democracy that is only 12 years old equal to George Bush's 12 year old view of the world.

Into the streets because the electoral votes will be ratified in Congress on January 6, 2005 if no one does anything to stop it. If no one does anything to stop it George Bush will be inaugurated the President of the United States on January 20, 2005. If George Bush is inaugurated as the President of the United States of America the dream of democracy in America will be as dead as the 6000 men, women and children in Fallujah that George Bush waited till after he stole the 2004 U.S. elections to murder claiming it was something he had to do in order to secure Iraq for elections.

I must be absolutely clear. I am not writing this and will not go into the streets to fight for John Kerry's right to be President but rather to fight for an open society ensured by an open democracy against the back drop of a living and breathing constitution steeped in human rights. For this I will give my life.

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quit jobs 29.Nov.2004 05:31


stop paying taxes and consenting to genocide or just stand by and wait for the inevitable destruction of america...and then you can really start crying about election fraud. most people know how horrible our government is but aren't willing to sacrifice anything. "in our world today everybody's so concerned about changing humanity but nobody's concerned about changing themselves" tolstoy

The distance to resistance 29.Nov.2004 06:44


Given that the forces of darkness have again taken over the U.S. government; given that the Bush regime and its supporters have chosen to literally rule the world; that it invades other nations at will and bullies other people into kneeling before its golden throne; given that the tattered remains of democracy here at home may well be stamped out entirely in the next four years, wouldn't you think the streets would be ringing with protest?

How is it that college auditoriums and community meeting rooms fill to capacity when some high-profile progressive speakers comes to town, but only a handful of people turn out on Main Street to demonstrate for progressive issues? Are those missing in action waiting for things to get worse? Are they waiting for the last straw, that critical mass? What final heinous outrage will bring them to their feet? Or is it that public displays of protest or action no longer, or never did, work for the absent activists? Has something changed in the theater of public affairs? The last time this observer looked, corrupt and immoral regimes were still brought down by masses of people fed up with business as usual, seldom if ever by symposiums and speeches alone.

The worlds most recent example of citizens taking to the streets to reclaim their government appears to be in the Ukraine. Over there a highly flawed election has resulted not only in outraged public reaction, but also in condemnation by international observers such as U.S. Senator Richard Lugar. The Republican senator said he did not like what he saw in that nation's presidential runoff election. We have not read any such statements from Lugar concerning our own recent elections, even though some international observers expressed similar sentiments.

But congressional slaves to the status quo aside, how is it that the highly flawed U.S. presidential election, replete with examples of disenfranchisement, voter suppression, miscounts, breakdowns and errors in voting machines, and seemingly endless irregularities, has yet to stir the nation?

Why are the streets so quiet? Are activists waiting for the corporate media to finally report on the likely vote fraud in Ohio, Florida, or New Mexico? Are they waiting for the results of the probable recounts? Suppose those recounts are stalled in the courts long after the contested election deadline on December 7th? Suppose several months from now, after various recounts have been performed and any number of vote fraud scenarios are proven, it is revealed that George W. Bush did not win the election; will the streets then come alive with protest? If the present atmosphere of lethargy is any indication, such events seem unlikely.

In 1786 the people of Western Massachusetts rose up in protest to the disenfranchisement and inequities suffered under the rule of the wealthy ruling class in Boston. Their rebellion, named after Captain Daniel Shays, shook the region and the nation. Shays Rebellion led to the creation of the U.S. Constitution, yet it remains nearly forgotten history in mainstream America today. One can only wonder if so-called progressives in the U.S. have also forgotten that powerful legacy. Where are the Shaysites when we need them?


Demonstration in Colombus, Ohio on Dec. 4 29.Nov.2004 06:59


I am assisting in organizing a huge Rally in Columbus Ohio on
Saturday December 4 from 1-3pm named "FIGHT FOR
DEMOCRACY RALLY" at the Ohio Statehouse. Citizens'
Alliance for Secure Elections (see:  http://www.CASEOhio.org) is hosting it.
They are one of the three groups who will be CONTESTING the
election in Ohio. We need thousands of People to attend to
draw attention to the many voter issues that has been
documented by CASEOhio.org; Free Press.org and Commoncause.
1 in 18 votes did not count in 2000. We can NOT allow voters
to be disenfranchised again. PLEASE, we need huge numbers
for this event to bring this into the public's eye. We have
sent out requests for speakers-we learned from the past
campaign that they really bring out the numbers. If any of
you can be of help, either by getting the word out or helping
arrange a guest speaker (we would really love to get John
Lewis, among others), we would really appreciate it. OHIO

Blind 29.Nov.2004 10:04


When will the people realize? When will they take to the streets? Sadly....the answer may be never. Already the election fiasco is becoming a thing of the distant past. Yes, it is still discussed in certain internet circles but for the most part, it's fading. Most Americans simply cannot--will not--believe just how bad the system has become. Most Americans want to believe that everything is just "peachy," on the up-and-up. Many Americans are too uneducated to realize that anything has happened at all. Most Americans do not realize that they are living (and have been for quite some time) in a dictatorship. The streets are silent and they're going to remain that way.

Frodo failed. Bush has the ring.

people have the power even if facsists got the media 29.Nov.2004 18:27

Cait Choas Punkchaos76@yahoo.com

okay so Bush "won"(stole,stole!) the elcetion we can still fight back. So are countrys now a bravo police state that is no longer hiding in the shadows. So my first experiance as a legal voter was anything but peaches, I have hope. Alot of people are mad, pissed, and sick and tiered of the right-wing bull-honky. But they have no outlet for this anger and frustration. I live in a Red state, Oklahoma and theres alot of people who do not like mr. Bigot # 1 Bush and yet did not vote because they felt their vote would not count...either way Bush was sure of the election, we now all know this. Now I think is the time that us in the Red states need to fight back here on the streets of our right-wing strong holds and shake things up. The battle fields are no longer up north alone, but here in the South. If we can shake them here then can you imagine the stir up in D.C?
Imagine, I'm 19 years old and still got fighting power. The Future Generation hasn't even begun to fight!