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Yanukovich himself has a criminal record and should not of been allowed to stand in this election under Ukrainian law,but the rules were bent to allow him to do so
Yanukovich has a criminal record for robbery and bodily injury
The point is how?

Naturally, any traces of Yanukovych's previous convictions, are cleared from official records. However rumors about the criminal past of Donetsk governor are circulating with striking persistence. Only in connection with probable premiership of Yanukovych these rumors have surfaced.

Thus, Volodymyr Malinkovych is said to beg president to not sign Yanukovych appintment, until thew latter not denies this information publicly. Yulia Mostova has mentioned two previous convictions of the governor and that, by operational info, the amazing nickname of Yanukovych was Kham, a Cad, (that somehow comes to his "convincing" figure).

Volodymyr Boiko, a Donetsk journalist* http://www.cripo.com.ua/?sect_id=5&aid=216, has gathered prison some information about Yanucovych through the kind assistance of local taxmen
From his fellow cell mate he knew that Yanukovych the governor has had two previous convictions.

The old jailbird has told Boiko that Yanukovych has served his term in a Donbass jail on charges of economic crimes, he got six years on for gross embezzlement, but has been released on parole in four years on recommendations of the pen's administratuion. Amazingly, the jail's governor at that time was said to be Levochking, Sr., who now heads the penitentiary system in the country. Levochkin, Jr. is known as an assistant to the president Kuchma.
who hasn't? 29.Nov.2004 21:38


It's all spun for our digestion. Name three politicians anywhere who haven't been in trouble with the "law". The Ukraine scene isn't about the candidates, it's a pising match between the American and the Soviet empires.

May the best empire win, I say!