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I just don't know what to do?
Is anyone else out there so afraid for the future that they don't know what to do. I believe that I am a normal, rational american, but I just can't help it that I have this horrible feeling when it comes to the future. I just can't figure out what is driving the people running the government. They seem to be acting without reason, or out of pure greed and a lust for power. Where will this lead us. I feel frustrated with protest because most of america isn't listening. When the everyday american does hear about a protest they don't care. Maybe we are doing something wrong, or they are getting seriously blind to the plight of the world. or maybe callous. What has happened to the america that believed in civil rights and justice..real justice. Maybe the neo-con propaganda machine is bigger and more elusive than anyone can imagine. anyone have any advice.

"When, In the Course of Human Events..." 28.Nov.2004 17:19


Have you considered that what you see as a departure from "the america that believed in civil rights and justice...real justice" might be more indicative of your own personal epiphany, a stage of personal growth?

Or that the latitude that the state of communications, level of institutionalized gullibility (state education, religion, class, race and gender divisions, et. al.), much smaller population pressure, a wide open frontier of cheap land for the taking, among a host of other hemispheric and global conditions have metamorphosed to the extent that the veneer has become transparent, the stink unavoidable.

The white settler planters overthrew the King so they could be Kings themselves.

me too 28.Nov.2004 19:42

red suspenders

If youre not afraid youre dumb or your head is in the sand. Sadly most folks heads are in the sand.
Every friday at 5pm at pioneer square PPRC has a rally and march. Here you will find like minded folks, and that helps. Also, it's vital to keep places like Portland awake. I'm of the firm opinion that the reason we can bring a crowd of 30,000 downtown for a large rally twice a year or so is that we keep people awake and connected here.

Also, you should come to the next actionspeaks meeting- tuesday at 7pm at the old church 11th and clay. More like-minded people. Google actionspeaks cause I'm too lazy to look up the site they have a decent website. I as well as many others feel the nov. 2 election was stolen. We are angry at the "mainstream" democrats for admiting defeat. Please do join us

My worst fear is that in 30 years some kid will ask me- "why didn't you do anything to stop the madness"

Especially talk to all your friends, relatives, neighbors, especially those of different backrounds- you will find many allies you didn't know you had.

I feel the same way 28.Nov.2004 21:31


Keep in mind that most of the world feels the same way too.

Another thing to keep in mind is that only half the country backs Bush. These people are willfully ignorent now, but if things keep getting worse they'll drop him like a hot coal.

Thank You 28.Nov.2004 23:12


Thank you for the replies. It is good to know that i'm not alone in my frustration. Thank you also for the advice on how to deal with how I feel. I will keep it in mind when I am confronted with the world tomorrow morning. Maybe by nightfall i will have a more positive outlook on the future.

normal americans arent rational 28.Nov.2004 23:44


the half of the country which doesn't back bush
backs his political clone

the america that believed in civil rights and justice is a myth

Don't give in to fear. 29.Nov.2004 01:10

Tony Blair's dog

As said by a wise little bugger;

"Fear is the path to the dark side... fear leads to anger... anger leads to hate... hate leads to suffering."

Instead, sell your tv, then start to gently link up with
your neighbors and people you meet. There are so many new
acquaintances waiting to happen thanks to you smiling and
saying "hi!" to people all around you. In stores, on the
street, at work, etc. etc.

Smile and radiate friendliness and you shape reality.

don't be afraid 29.Nov.2004 05:24

uncle sam

Just don't let the dems or reps take your guns. THEY FEAR that the most, after that, we're all done.

As kooky and crazy as it may seem, guns will be the only thing that keeps them in check. The founding fathers, as mixed up as they were, knew one thing coming off of a revolution...DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR GUNS!

The republicans work the right, "we had to give in NRA, sorry"...the democrats, "just the assault rifles, please, you know, common sense gun laws"....it's the good cop/bad cop trick.

Set up a police watch in your neighborhood, get involved in local government, you may even get elected if you have enough friends to rally behind you. Shoot for alderman/councilman..., you can be more outspoken if your just working for the people in your neighborhood and they know that's what you plan on doing. Wether you live in a rep or dem place, bring both in, don't make it be politics, be independent, work for the people, educate them on the fallacy of the duopoly system.

Take out the old fogies and bring in fresh ideas, reach out to the green & the libertarian parties for guidance...they've been fighting a long time, so they know.

Some words on fear from Ruppert's site:(speaking from experience?)

From The Wilderness is about the publication of documented truth and the letting go of fear through education.

FEAR happens when we really don't understand something and when we project, either consciously or subconsciously, into the future. The only real moment is NOW. We become FEARFUL of the unknown and of the things that we don't want to face. When we don't face problems NOW we guarantee that they will be worse - LATER.

Carl Jung wrote: "The foundation of all mental illness is the unwillingness to experience legitimate suffering."

The best way to stop living in fear is to educate oneself...arm the mind, so to speak. The most spiritual way to deal with fear is to approach it rather than run from it. It is from this commitment that true progress is made and that solutions unseen become solutions made real.

We provide you with well-researched data and material presented in various formats. We DO NOT operate from any fixed ideological, political or economic viewpoint. We present the data -- what you do with it is up to you.

In order to find a solution one must first be aware that there is a problem. One must acknowledge what IS, rather than what one hopes there is or is not.


Afraid 29.Nov.2004 07:13


FEAR is ignorance ... False Evidence Appearing Real. You've been duped by the propaganda machine of the main media and the DNC campaign. Read more unbiased reporting and history, and never believe that European Socialism will ever be a good model for the US.

response to"afraid" 29.Nov.2004 07:59

Robert hrnhzl@aol.com

I write from the UK where believe me, we Europeans are just as worried as you Americans rightly are. Many of us think we will see the USA use nuclear weapons in some region or other soon and the worst thing is Iraq seems only to be the first part of a global take-over plan. (full spectrum dominance?)
Many people have worried for a long time just what would happen if the mentality of Hitler (supremacist, aggressive, expansionist, capitalist) got into the White House with the arsenal of the USA at their disposal.
I think Norman Mailer said a couple of years back that he thought the USA was entering a "pre-fascist state"
What is most worrying which shows us just how really worrying it all is is the way the USA is now detested in Europe where it was not before and there are boycotts of US products happening and even European governments are creating distance between themselves and the USA. I mean with the USA now it seems they are at war with the whole planet and no end in sight. What's amazing is the US govt don't care about their image abroad I mean Condoleeza just seems to see enemies everywhere.
The paradox in all this is that nobody sees all this more clearly than (some)Americans themselves. Yes the Iraq war is outrageous but Americans have been amongst the most vociferously opposed to it. THe media is dreadful but the internet can spread information. All that said I am not optimistic - there is no reason to be and of course there is no political opposition to the government now. What I do think though which would be a ray of hope would be if the elction scandal could get into the public domain. Andy Oxford UK

Shipley Close Oxford England

Fear 29.Nov.2004 08:22


Hi E - One of your responders had a great piece of advice - sell your TV - better yet, trash it! I have found from personal experience that I can alleviate alot of anxiety by abstaining from the media. Try it. Read for your news, it's more real. Who needs the flashy bullshit graphics, the pumped-up soundtrack, the babbling talking heads. If you watch closely, most prime-time news has very little actual coverage - maybe 3 or 4 stories with any substance, then the cylce begins again, or some obscure nobodies acting as experts debate the pros and cons for 20 minutes. You sound observant and intelligent - you'll be OK. And don't feel alone - you have plenty of allies out there. Another responder adviced to talk to people - that makes good sense!! You'll find that many people feel the same way, and your not loosing your mind.

television aka disneyland 29.Nov.2004 10:00

peace rebel girl

The advice to trash the t.v. is important, but i think for different reasons than the Fear Factor. Television was designed as a propoganda tool, to dupe the masses into an opiated stupor.

Sure, there is the fear facor in the nightly news that is used to keep people in their place, but most of t.v. makes life out to look rosy. Look at "Friends" or one of the other umpeen stupd sitcoms that are aired, that do nothing to keep us in touch with reality.
So i think that t.v. needs to be turned off so that we get more in touch with what is really going on in the world.

My fear rises when I read the real news, and pay attention to what is really happening, stuff that most of the country has not a clue about since it is censored by the mainstream media.

Scared too 29.Nov.2004 10:35


Well I'm scared too. The future, which always seemed at least filled with possibilities, now seems bleak and cold. Although there are millions upon millions of uneducated Americans who can't see the mess this country has become, there are millions of educated Americans who CAN see it. But....I don't think that's going to change anything. Our "leaders" are headed toward world conquest and they're certainly not going to let "us" stop them.

I do think it's important to talk to others, watch less of the hype, etc. But it seems to me that Frodo failed, and Bush has the ring.

i feel sick 29.Nov.2004 11:02


i am sure that fear is part of the reason that i feel sick, but a large part of it is related to disgust. i am not sure how to deal with the feelings, or even how to channel them. i read of the injustices, see photos that nearly numb me because they are too awful to process, and bleed for all those who are in oppression. i, like someone else mentioned, feel pretty powerless in the face of the machine, which then gives way to depression.


Mind Manipulation 29.Nov.2004 11:08

produce apathy

Perhaps people's inaction is more than simple stupidity or laziness. They have been polluting our water with fluoride. Remember this was used in concentration camps throught the Soviet gulag system to subdue the prisoners.
Then there is the issue of HAARP and the effects of constant RFR & ELF on people's minds. We have been under the effect of this for some time. The Star Wars technology gave us HAARP and we are now paying the price for that monstrosity.

apathy 29.Nov.2004 11:34

peace rebel girl

it's true about flouride; it creates a passivity. in eugene, there is no flouride in the water so, beleive it or not, people get dosed at their dentist!

there are so many things that can produce apathy. shopping and surrounding ourself with stuff is a big one. as mentioned, t.v. has a huge influence. junk food fogs the brain and alcohol and drugs help us to zone out.

What is HAARP, RFR and ELF?

don't drink the water! 29.Nov.2004 11:38

peace rebel girl

The first occurrence of fluoridated drinking water on Earth was found in Germany's Nazi prison camps. The Gestapo had little concern about fluoride's supposed effect on children's teeth; their alleged reason for mass-medicating water with sodium fluoride was to sterilize humans and force the people in their concentration camps into calm submission. (Ref. book: "The Crime and Punishment of I.G. Farben" by Joseph Borkin.)


Options 29.Nov.2004 13:01


1) you can sit around, do nothing, and suffer the fate that the 'powers that be' have in store for you.
2) change your life a wee bit by doing little helpfull things will make you feel a little better when you suffer that same fate (i.e. vote democrat, recycle all the time, meditate)
3) CREATE YOUR OWN LIFE, break out this American downward spiral. Connect with nieghbors, friends, build a network of people who just don't feel like living in this American nightmare. Start gardening, get good at it, make your own clothes, make your own decisions, and just live as a human. Stop contributing to the missery! Of course, you can't be fully independant or self-sustainable by yourself, that's why you need those around you! Start a society that is more than just a counter-coulter or a scene, make it a dual power.
This is easier and much more rewarding than you might think. If it seems difficult to give up everything that you had in your old life, just relax and realise it was all part of the problem. The American way of life IS the problem. Also, you will rest assured knowing that there are others out there making it happen, you are not alone! Not nearly alone as any sad sick American!

Things to do to alleviate fear 29.Nov.2004 13:04


1. Get a dog and go walking around the neighborhood. People you never thought of talking to will respond with a comment about the dog, and sometimes that actually leads to a real human conversation. The main cure for fear is trust-- and if you can trust those closest to you, there won't be much reason to fear the distant powers that you have no control over anyway.

2. Buy stuff at the local co-op and farmers' market. You might pay a little more-- but surprisingly, not that much more. And the tradeoff is you know who made the stuff you are buying, and you create a human network-- not another pipeline to the machine. We can't pass laws against WalMart; after all, they have reached the stage in the development of capitalism that they are themselves the law--. But we don't have to buy from them. Networks of trust alleviate fear.

3. Absolutely, as everyone has said, turn off the TV. Read Jerry Mander's book from 1975: "Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television." The problem is not new-- just getting worse as the media consoldates.

4. Buy a gun if you think it will help. Just remember that the government always will outgun you-- it is cleverness, not weapons, that has allowed human beings to overpopulate the earth and inhabit every single ecological niche. Hopefully, the cleverness will also allow the species to get out of the hole we have dug for ourselves. And guns won't increase trust or develop more resources-- at best they will be able to reduce surplus poplulation and allow a small group of people to have some sort of existence behind protective walls. And historically, that protection will eventually fail, and we will be back to what really works -- that is, trust.

Mind Manipulation/Television 29.Nov.2004 13:12

Sean4489 seanrutledge4489@hotmail.com

I'm ceratain the powers that be do indeed add numderous chemicals to the water, food and alcohol supplies. One way to avoid these types of products and boycott the companies that manufacture them is to stop buying and using them. For example, Proctor & Gamble, one large corporation, produces everything from peanut butter to shampoo. It would be quite easy for one of these large corporations to add certain chemicals to their products which, along with creating docility (is that a word?)in the public, can cause serious health problems. Enter the major pharmaceutical companies to the rescue. The food, the water, the soap makes us sick and the drug companies have the perfect treatment (notice I didn't say cure), for us.

Along with trashing your own television set, (which I have already done-great idea, easy and great fun), you can help trash other peoples sets as well-have a T.V. trashing party in opposition to the bullshit media and their refusal to report what's really going on. You can also buy your food from smaller health-food type stores. Buy organic food, help support those people that have taken a stand against the big corporate food producers. Also, you won't be eating food that has been doused in chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Now I'm not a chemist, but if the shit they put on your lettuce kills bugs the chances seem pretty good that it aint good for you to be eating either.

Another benefit of this type of behaviour is that it withholds money, your money-which in this day and age means your voice, from the big corporate media/war machine. Like it or not, this is how you bring-down the big machine. Quit feeding it your money and it will die.

Finally, my last recomendation for all those interestedm, is to get rid of your car. Since the election, I have not driven my car-it is for sale, and I am not going to buy another one until I can get one that doesn't run on gasoline. If you hate this war and everything it stands for, look out your window into your driveway, that is the reason people are being murdered. Take the bus, take the train, if you must drive try and carpool.

You must TAKE BACK your voice from the corporations and the media-they will not simply hand it over.


i feel your pain BUT... 29.Nov.2004 15:06

loco local ciastaugustine@yahoo.com

i feel your pain but the activist 'community' needs a hard look in the mirror. 1st off, we're majorly outnumbered (true activists, not 'liberal' middle class posers). protests are fine only to the extent that you can meet people, build contacts, and maybe entice some people to come off the sidewalk and join you. but protest are not the answer and overall they are failing. time for activist to roll up the sleeves and act locally. time to quit talking and emailing and watching documentaries and start to ACT! reach out to poor and minority communities, build alliances with them. if you're not down with the long, planned out, sometimes tedious, and daunting task of becoming your own media (your own music scene, your own everything), growing your own food, copwatching, and on and then your only other route is direct action. that's my two cents - local or direct or preferrably both. if you're still into writing letters to the editor or believing some fucking candidate will save you so you campaign for them or trusting the EPA then you might as well quit and watch tv A LOT. and take lots of drugs. good luck, robert paulsen

the captain is drunk... 29.Nov.2004 16:02

this thing here

i have to agree with the very first post by "bedouin".

the veneer has become transparent. the stink is no longer avoidable. the beast has taken off it's friendly mask.

in my opinion, what we are seeing with the bush administration is poorly concealed desperation.

what are they so deserate about?


and when shit get's desperate, when the unsustainable finally meets the tipping point, out comes the guns, out comes the unilateralism, out comes the tough tough talk, out comes the threats, the wars, the turning of backs on what used to be friends and for that matter the rest of the world. THE ONLY CHANGE THE BUSH ADMIN. HAS MADE, THE ONLY THING THE BUSH ADMIN. WILL POINT TO IN ORDER TO PROVIDE AN EXAMPLE OF THEM "ADAPTING", IS HOW MUCH QUICKER, AND HOW MUCH MORE LETHALLY, THEY WILL KILL. that's their version of "adapting". but that is nothing but a futile, downward spiral. the second they pick up a gun to live by it, they die by it.

so the fucking ship is floundering, if not sinking. the captain is lost and drunk on power, and in his demented mental state has fooled himself into believing that all the world needs is just more power and that will solve everything. so he sits in the captain's chair getting drunker and drunker on the "solution", more and more on the way to oblivion. and his officers? just as drunk and lost, if not more so.

so if you are a passenger on this ship, my advice would be don't look for a solution from the captain, or from any of the officers or the staff, but get to work fixing the ship, get to work making sails, YOUR OWN SAILS. the officers and the captain will laugh at you, and they may even throw you in the brig, but fuck them, they're already dead. do it IN SPITE OF THEM. get out, get right back to work coming up with a better, bigger sail for a better ship. and once the ship is back to working order, by that time the captain and his officers will be blind drunk, and will not see you coming. then, it's mutiny time...

why not have the mutiny first? i don't know. i just think that time is running out. if the ship is sinking, fix the holes first, and then storm the captain's chamber with swords drawn. in a perfect world, there would be enough people to fix the holes and enough people to storm the captain's chambers at the same time. that would be ideal...

Nothing to fear 29.Nov.2004 18:09


One of the most wises words is, "There is nothing to fear but fear itself." It is only when we can face fear that we can enter into the garden of eden, hence the purpose of the flaming swords that guard it. Fear is mostly an illusion-arising from dream like fantasies. Death is real and we must face it. When we realize this and are no longer scared of what our leaders can do to us, then we can face then with confidence and dignity. It is people with these characteristics, including thought, that those in power are most afraid of.
If we act with this kind of composiour, it is us that will be feared with by those in power. Be knowledgable and confident when you speak to others about issues. speak through your feeling, not so much through rationalism and people will be conviced. Touch them wit your courage and wit-confidence.
There is more to what I speak of but this is an intro. Feel the movement and realize your destiny-as Jesus did not fear death and torture, nor shall we in the face of oppression and injustice.
P.S. I am not a christian

nope - I'm fuckin' PISSED. 29.Nov.2004 18:59

have been for more than a decade

this bullshit has been going on too long.

Selection 2000 was the beginning of the real RAMP-UP, after 8 years of Clintonistic fervor (and 'liberal' complacency).

and 9/11 was the key orchestrated event for the entire fascist corporate plan.

I work at a corporate job every day, but listen to KBOO and constantly read and post on Indymedia.

the magnitude of malfeasance, sham, and total lies in the face of physical and social reality just increases by the minute.


something has got to give.

and my guess is it will be Peak Oil,

a related economic collapse (dollar?),

total failure and expulsion in Iraq/Afghanistan (imminent?)

or an environmental catastrophe (mad cow?) to set things tumbling for good.

even the domestic imposition of Martial Law or totally cancelling the US Constitution after some "terrorist" attack would probably not be enough to keep 300 million Americans in total submission - especially not when 1/3 of them are armed to the teeth.

Related topic - I also happen to believe that, despite the SUPREME INJUSTICE, anti-Constitutionality and anti-Human Rights threat presented by the should-have-been-repealed-yesterday "USA Patriot Act" (especially towards non-white citizens), they will NEVER be able to lock us down completely.

there are too many people of independent mind and thought, plus too many small arms owners, to completely lock down under Fed military and labor/concentration camp rule. practically, it is impossible to accomplish here (and just look at Iraq!!). In such a case - were we to progress (soon?) into total Fascist militaristic government here in the US - I believe overthrow by The People would be imminent.

Amen 29.Nov.2004 19:34

Diane in California

Amen to the comments above. Whether "it" has or has not happened,(you fill in the it) little matters, what matters is what we do now. Now is not the time to be complacent, now is the time to begin acting not with a short term goal, but a long term goal. I believe we have to try to reach the government with our pleas first, and then if that fails go to the next step and the next, until there are no more steps.
We need to organize in an effective way, perhaps thru groups like Move on or others, but we must get connected and stay connected so that we have strength in numbers.
So I urge get connected to groups, write endless emails to congress, flood there mail with our concerns.
I saw years back when a law to tax social security payments was passed, the people rose up and it was overturned in a very short time. I agree it will be harder now than then, but there are more of us now.
Don't give up on tv as far as what is going on in the world, it is important to know what the others are doing and saying, to stay on top of every development. Push the election fraud story by writing to media, congress,etc. And by the way, prepare your survival gear.

incrimental conditioning 30.Nov.2004 01:30

Dr. Dude

Everyone knows the frog in boiling water analogy. Yeah so the masses are being subdued by incrimentaly more fucked up shit going on. "Well someone bombed some building in Oaklahoma City.... okay some terrorist attacks at the olypics.... ok big jump.... 9-11...Afganistan... iraq... an election fraud? big deal!" Slowly increasing unemployment/underemployment... increased homelessness.... People are still apathetic because it still hasn't hit home in the majority of people. NExt will be the draft. The war will spread. Oil prices go up. Food prices up. water prices up. weather pattern change. mass starvation... oh damn its too late to take an easier path.... anyhow my idea is simple. If you suddenly turn up the heat on that frog , it's going to react. instead of just worring about the events, maybe we can turn up the heat. HUh? dumb idea? I'm not sure. just tossing it around. Basically, we need a bit of fear right about now... a little fight or flight responce might not be so bad. ......... personally, I've overcome my fear, now its more of a fight with depression. Part of me just wants to see it all burn. (I know: wrong attitude.)

depression too 30.Nov.2004 09:50

another one

i too know the depression. and i am not sure that it is a wrong attitude to want to see it all burn down Dr. Dude. i think that it will all have to come crashing down before anything truly changes. in the meantime we all need to feel the heat of the water and jump out of the pan!

incrimental conditioning 30.Nov.2004 10:55


I enjoy reading eveyone's responses - there's alot of valuable energy out there! "INCREMENTAL CONDITIONING" - BINGO, Dr. Dude - you nailed it perfectly - I'd kiss you if you were here!! (figure of speach)That's exactly what's happening to us!! Remember the sick feeling in our stomachs when we heard of the horrific first beheading?? It does'nt hurt as much now when we hear of one, does it?? How will we react when we hear of the next terror attack on our citizens?? It will happen. We'll probably just be thankful that no one we know was a victim, or maybe we'll lamely look to Big Surogate Daddy-figure Bush for guidance and protection. Bush has us so beaten down, I swear, I've even heard people say things like, "Oh gee, at least we still have jobs,and our health." That other dick, Dr. Phil (excuse my English, and for even bringing him into the conversation)said something similair the other day - commenting after the election, he said," Well at least we don't have tanks shooting in the streets." ... WHAT???? Are we supposed to be grateful for that, or is that some kind of left-handed threat?? Bush is systematically conditioning us to the point that we should thank him for letting us live!! Thanks Mr. Daddy President, for giving me life, and keeping me safe, and killing all those terrible Arabs for me. You're like the big brother I never had --FUCK YOU!! (to Bush and Dr. Phil). Sorry guys, I'm ranting now. Keep your guns. Keep them clean. Learn to use them safely and proficiently. Its your constitutional right to own and use one, responsibly. It may soon become a necessity. Let others know you do this. I'm not advocating violence in any way. Our "leaders" need to be reminded that they may be able to get away (for now) with sending young boys to kill and push around unarmed civilians in some poor, third world country; and that THEY BETTER NOT EVEN THINK OF TRYING THAT CRAP HERE. They are threatening us with violence. We need to return the favor and balance the fear scale - nothing personal, just basic human survival tactics. The military action in Iraq is meant to terrify ALL opposition, foreign and domestic. I'm neither impressed, no frightened by anyone who has killed. So the whole hero, GI joe, freedom/democracy-protector thing does'nt mean shit to me, nor to millions like me. Others, sadly, are frightened and/or impressed. To you frightened people - don't worry - rest assured that for each one of you, there are ten angry, skilled, gun owners on your side, ready to help you out should anyone attempt to violate your human or constitutional rights. To you Bush supporters ....not to you ignorant red- staters (you can't help yourselves, your ignorant) .... but to you real WASPy, corporate, self-righteous, pasty-faced, pudgy, fatcat republicans (you know who you are-if your reading this right now and your little brain is desperately searching for "legal" justification to punish the writer, you're the guy I'm talking about), rest assured that for each young boy you send to fight your battles for you (while you're golfing), there are ten of us - angry, skilled freedom fighters prepared to welcome them head on. America is ours too!! Remember, the colonial minutemen were the rag-tag minority. They defeated the military machine and chased out the oppressive government. WE are their ancestors!! WE are the patriots!! WE are the "Righteous". WE are the people!! And we're neither rag-tag, nor unarmed!! And WE WANT THE ASSHOLES OUT!! Adopt and nurture that attitude - tell yourself that, and mean it. Hopefully, you'll feel better.