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Food Not Bombs

where can we go to cook with food not bombs?
where I say! Where?
Newish Friday Food Not Bombs Kitchen and Serving Location 30.Nov.2004 11:17

a peeler/cooker for the last couple weeks

On Fridays you can help cook at 3535 SE Salmon St., a few blocks south of Belmont. We start around 1 or 2 in the afternoon.

A few weeks ago, we started serving food at the Colonel Summers Park at SE 20th and Belmont at 5:30. Where we serve is actually in the opposite corner of the Park, at 17th and Taylor, under the building/shelter. This makes it a lot easier for us car-impaired folks, to serve Food Not Bombs, as it's just a short bike ride from where we cook. Thanks for coming to our new location, and bring hungry friends...

Keep in mind, this is only for Fridays. As far as I know Tuesday-Thursday and Saturday are serving 5:30 in Waterfront Park, under the west end up the Morrison Bridge.

other cooking locations 22.Dec.2004 12:11

some student trinachi@hotmail.com

What about the FNB cooking crew on Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday? Who are are you? Where do you cook, and what time? Do you have a phone number? Some college kids would like to cook/dumpster, so let me know.