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Heterosexist Italian Senate Hacked

The Italian senate has been speaking out a lot lately about denying privledges to homosexual Italians, including denying them rights to be teachers. Queer-rights hacktivists have taken it upon themselves to show these bigots what's up.
When the Italian senators came to their computers last friday, they got an eyefull. Images of gay sex had been uploaded through a trojan and placed as a wallpaper. Though the senators were questioning why, the answer was obvious. "If you ask me if a declared homosexual can be a teacher, my answer is no," Senate Majority Leader Gianfranco Fini said during a telecast a week earlier. "I well know that the intelligentsia will rip me to shreds," Fini said afterward, "but I'm deeply convinced of what I said, and I'm sure that 95 percent of Italians think like me."

The Italian government responded with the usual propaganda of "We don't know why they did this, they must hate freedom". If you ask this reporter, having to endure a few minutes of something you find dirty pales in comparison to a lifetime of unequal rights.
Monopoly software 28.Nov.2004 15:47

Not a Microsoft Fan

This cannot occur without a software monoculture. These desktops were undoubtedly all running the same Windows software.