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election fraud

Kerry’s Silence Indicates Complicity with Vote Fraud

Go to JohnKerry.com and you will find absolutely nothing about the mounting evidence of vote fraud- why?
that photo of kerry and Theresa, do they look sad?
that photo of kerry and Theresa, do they look sad?
Kerry's Silence Indicates Complicity with Vote Fraud

Go to JohnKerry.com and you will find absolutely nothing about the mounting evidence of vote fraud- why? There is no mention of the official voting receipts found in the garbage, or about the vote suppression in Ohio, or about the GAO starting an investigation into the 57,000 reported cased of voting 'irregularities' nationwide. 13 Members of Congress have asked for an investigation into the voting problems, heaven forbid JohnKerry.com mention that. Why is it that VoteNader.com and VoteCobb.org both address the voting problems right on the front page, but the Democratic ticket of Kerry and Edwards won't address the issue at all?

It seems like Kerry and Edwards didn't really want to win, almost like they're ready for a vacation. They're telling us, get over it, we lost, it's time to move on and unite behind our leader? What the bleep is that all about? I thought Kerry was our candidate because Bush was so bad we had to get rid of shrubbie. Then after this election where all of the computer 'glitches' favored bush, kerry just tucks tail and hides? Thousands of Americans were turned away from the polls thanks to Republican dirty tricks, so kerry gives up and tells us to get behind Bush? seettuuuup.

We've wasted billions of dollars and destroyed hundreds of thousands of lives- now we're stuck in a war without end and the hatred of America at an all time high... and our guy, Mr. Anybody But Bush, is silent about vote fraud and suppression that clearly cost him the election. Doesn't that seem a little bit fishy?

Kerry is joined in silence by Edwards, Dean, Clinton, Gore and the official Democratic Party. They all remain silent in the face of undeniable evidence of vote fraud. And it's not just the voting machines without a paper trail, there are hundreds of sworn statements delivered by Ohio residents detailing various Republican tricks to prevent democrats from voting.

Why are Nader and Cobb raising money for recounts while Kerry refuses to pay for any of them? Is Kerry really fighting for the people? If he is, why does he have $51 million left over from his campaign? How can anyone think that not spending $50 million was part of a successful plan to win? Why did Kerry do that?

If you'd been reading news on the net before the election, you'd have known that some people were claiming Kerry was throwing the election all the way. That in fact, Bush and Kerry are distant cousins, and both members of the 'frat' Skull and Bones at Yale. (1) Think, is it just an amazing coincidence that the two main candidates were related, multi-millionaire boners? Is it possible for you to consider that, perhaps there really is an elite group of families running the country? Some call it the New World Order, it's like the Mafia x 1000, without the accents.

Understandably most Americans are reluctant to think that organized crime has taken over our government, that both candidates were puppets for evil behind the scenes masters. But folks, what if its true? Isn't it worth looking at? It's easier for people to tell themselves that Bush really won, stupid people voted for him and now we're stuck with four more years of war. This is easier because they can continue about their life as usual- recognizing that our gov't is corrupt might require them to change their daily lives. It's so much easier to say, "Oh well, too bad for those Iraqis and Iranians that will die, at least I still have my life as usual." Apathy- that's what is killing our country.

To acknowledge that the mafia has taken over is a scary concept, nonetheless, i ask you to see if the hat fits. In my opinion, this was a staged election all the way, with the express purpose of re-installing Bush to create the illusion of warmongering America, justifying more wars, more terror threats and more spying on Americans- Big Brother has arrived. Am I a 'conspiracy nut'? Think for yourself, which doesn't mean believe everything I say, but it means do not discredit it just because the mainstream media does. Are these thoughts really outlandish conspiracy, or just basic logic?

Why did the Democrats choose a pro-war candidate. If we really had to beat Bush, wouldn't an anti-war candidate been the clear difference that kerry couldn't create. By election day, people were saying, "well their policies are about the same, and i like bush better, he's funny to listen to." Why weren't we allowed a choice between pro-war and anti-war? Was kerry really the choice of the people, or was he a puppet installed against our will- by the corporate media.

Kerry's campaign sucked. Bush lied, flat out lied, and we have it on tape! All kerry needed to do was present these lies to the public and the idiot would be exposed, but kerry didn't. He "never used the harshest word" to describe bush's lies. Why?

I'm sorry but I just can't get over this- Kerry finished this election campaign with $50 million in the bank. Why? He didn't want to win is the only logical explanation. Several days after the story broke, they came out with damage control- Kerry has only $15 million left, he gave the rest to the DNC. Think the numbers transposed is mere coincidence, or intentional misinformation?

Even with the $15 million, kerry hasn't offered to help pay for any of the recounts, BBVs Florida investigation or even the Volusia County Lawsuit. (2)

Exit Polls are the canary in the mine shaft, they've exposed vote fraud in two other nations this year, but in America the media and Kerry/Edwards say the exit polls were wrong- move on, get over it.

From Exit Polls to Protect the Vote
- after the exit polls and results didn't match in Georgia (Russia), opposition supporters stormed the parliament and the president was forced to resign.

After Exit Polls clashed with final results in the Ukraine Yushchenko stood up and demanded a fair vote. Why didn't Kerry? This led to hundreds of thousands braving sub-zero temperatures to protest the unelected government.

The Exit Polls were off here, only in the Key swing states, and always in favor of Bush, what an amazing coincidence... 250 million to 1 odds according to Steven Freeman, PhD. Why hasn't kerry mentioned this, or at least posted a link on his website.... because he doesn't want to look bad? I'd say he looks pretty f***in bad right now.

If Kerry had stood up and addressed these vote fraud issues, the media would not have been able to completely blackout the story as they have. Only Keith Olbermann has mentioned it on MSNBC, so perhaps a few million americans have seen it on tv, and a few million more on the internet.... but the vast majority continues to live in the 'bush won' reality. Kerry's silence is enabling this media blackout.

Are these the actions of a real candidate that really wanted to save America from the warmongers?

"But to find a resolution of the conflict does not mean accepting falsified elections. We will never agree to that." Nice eh, too bad that came from Ukranian Presidential Challenger Viktor

Yushchenko. Why didn't our candidate say that?

And perhaps more importantly, does Bush agree with these words from the Ukranian incumbent, "I need no fictitious victory, a result which could lead to violence and victims. No position of authority, no matter how important, is worth a single human life."

What can you do about it? Boycott entertainment- turn off the tv and NPR. Listen to inspiring music and get fired up. Listen to that MLK speech everyday and feel his passion.

Then, be your own media- make phone calls, write emails, print flyers or even FreewayBlog. Do something, anything to pass this information on, the election was stolen, and Kerry is complicit. Trust me, most people are excited to hear that there is hope to overthrow the shrubbie- get out there and give people hope!

Or is it easier to just forget all this and turn the tv back on, i'm sure some great sitcoms or reality shows are on to distract you, to keep you silent, stuck inside your own home.

"There comes a time when silence is betrayal" - Martin Luther King Jr.

1. How weird is Skull and Bones? When they tried to admit women in the 90's, a group of bonesman including William F. Buckley sued to keep the women out, claiming it would lead to date rape.

2. BlackBoxVoting's Bev Harris found the smoking gun, proof of fraud and the Kerry camp does not care. According to a statement by the Supervisor of Elections on November 17, 2004, the GEMS computer is not networked, and is "stand alone." The furnished computer logs show evidence of at least two attempts to remotely access the GEMS central tabulator, which is claimed to be secure. A computer screen shot printout on November 17, 2004 (found in the trash) shows that the GEMS computer at that time had two networked hard drives.

I showed the logs to CNN cameramen yesterday, along with 59 orange-tagged poll tapes that were missing signatures, zero tapes, sometimes missing results altogether! No interest in getting a shot of that smoking gun at all.

We intereviewed poll workers. On camera. Showed them the poll tapes we were given by Volusia County. To a person, they said, with great concern, "That is NOT what we submitted to the county."
One remembered the results on his poll tape. What he remembered, before ever seeing the results tape or hearing what was on our copy, was not the same. His memory for a precinct with a tad over 400 voters had 60 more votes for Kerry. Of course, that's not legally binding, since he hadn't written it down.

And don't forget that in Volusia, poll workers were told to bring their memory cards and poll tapes off to 'drop offs' or 'depots', and it was there that the modem-ing occurred. We have no information whatsoever on who was in those depots, or what they were doing, or what equipment was there.

Meahwhile a completely irresponsible Kerry Campaign holds on to a $52 million litigation war chest accumulated from citizen donations for that purpose.

If they were the slightest bit interested in either voting system integrity or actually winning, they would have litigated the Black Box Voting records requests to apply some real muscle into prompt disclosure of audit materials, at least in Ohio and Florida. Failure to comply with sunshine laws is against the law, yet a citizens group like Black Box Voting cannot claim legal urgency, forcing immediate compliance, in the same way that a campaign can. There is no question that if the campaign had enforced the sunshine laws, analyzing the audit data, two things would have happened:

1) records would have been produced 2) auditing would have been enabled, and we all know that would have produced hard evidence of irregularities....

The Kerry attorney in Volusia, by the way, came by but asked not a single question, never asked to look at any evidence, and told one of the producers of Votergate that he thought Black Box Voting was just here to "stir up trouble."

3. How do they corrupt our politicians? In Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, John Perkins writes about "when the National Security Agency recruited me, they put me through a day of lie detector tests. They found out all my weaknesses and immediately seduced me. They used the strongest drugs in our culture, sex, power and money, to win me over.... I felt guilty throughout the whole time, but I was seduced. The power of these drugs, sex, power, and money, was extremely strong for me."


homepage: homepage: http://bellaciao.org/en/article.php3?id_article=4534

Seven Days 28.Nov.2004 14:59

Den Mark, Vancouver

It's now been seven days that hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have been in the cold streets, especially in Kyiv, demanding democracy. Meanwhile, the USA does not get it, about democracy, or maybe does not even really want it. Ukraine gets it; Ukraine wants it. People around the planet have the unique perspective of watching two peoples, two nations, ripped off by their "leaders", two parallel situations, happening simultaneously. The USA does not look good in the comparison, does not look good at all. Rotten, actually. But amerikans were busy this weekend, .......... shopping! Damned fools.

US money and threats behind the protests 28.Nov.2004 15:48

think about it

The US wants to control the UKrainians and turn them all in US corporate consumers. It's not about fraud there; it's about foreign control of their economy. (Notice how quickly the US corporate media without evidence of the fraud jumped in and gave them the coverage they do not give their own citizen protesters.)

Let's not fall into the naivete trap. Analysis is badly needed here.

Hold your nose 28.Nov.2004 19:45


I'm told people, who were not for the war, held their nose and voted for Kerry. Look what's happened by not voting for the principled candidate! Kerry holds onto "his" money and doesn't give a damn about the election's outcome. Instead, the alternative parties are fighting. It looks all planned. I was advised by a Green Party member, it would be the Shrub for 4 more years, followed by H. Clinton in '08. People need to rise up like in the Ukraine! Maybe the dollar's devaluation or the draft would cause them to rise up. Would hate to see either, but America's takeover is sick.

Dud-man 28.Nov.2004 23:20


Kerry was the ultimate Dud-man who likely couldn't get a bean excited about growing with water and sunlight. He let George pass on every issue, and made that ass Karl Rove look like a genius. Some leader. Maybe we didn't want him for a president, or to let him walk our dog.

It is a bit of a stretch 28.Nov.2004 23:31


to call an errand-boy complicit.

it's a bit of a stretch not to 29.Nov.2004 04:57


give the democrats a break, they're all just waking up to the fact that they live in a totaliterian fascist regime run by occultists and puppets. Ooops, did I just say that.

"Nah, I can still go to wal-mart...it can't be, can it?"

"I won't believe it until I see the nazi symbol, then I'll believe you. Anyone got a chinese support our troops magnet for my SUV, I don't want to seem anti-patriotic ya know..."

Too bad we can't have the errand boy take out the garbage, it would mean throwing himself into the same dump(fresh kills), that the 911 victims are to spend their eternity. I guess in kerry skull and george bones' eyes, they did take out the garbage...the 911 victims. Lieberman and his kean crew made sure to spray lysol on those rotting corpses so the smell didn't bother you.

Did that upset anyone? Yeah, it upsets the 911 victims' families too, just do what democrats do, "look the other way".

you FORGOT the Primary Element. 29.Nov.2004 20:40

what's so surprising about all this?

Kerry is Skull & Bones, just like the current Whitey House occupant.