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Rosebraugh ELF book release & signing at Powells Dec. 2

Craig Rosebraugh will be on hand at Powell's books on Hawthorne December 2nd reading excerpts from and discussing his new book, Burning Rage of a Dying Planet: Speaking for the Earth Liberation Front.
Burning Rage of a Dying Planet
Thursday the 2nd, 7:30PM Powell's Books on Hawthorne

Eco-terrorists or eco-saviors? There seems to be little middle ground when the subject of ELF, the Earth Liberation Front, comes up. Active in the USA since 1997, the FBI lists ELF as the largest and most active US-based terrorist group. Though no one has died as a result of ELF operations, millions of dollars in damage have been leveled against loggers, SUV dealerships, and others who are considered dangerous to our planet. In Burning Rage of a Dying Planet, Craig Rosebraugh discusses ELF, the environmental movement, radical politics, and US democracy. Rosebraugh lives and works in Portland.
RAD! 28.Nov.2004 11:42



How can it be a book signing? 29.Nov.2004 13:48


Craig doesn't and won't sign his books.

Unless something has changed?

Why Powell's 29.Nov.2004 16:06

Laughing Horse

Is this at Powell's for larger circulation or business success?

Calling him names doesn't help 30.Nov.2004 06:13


Craig will be speaking at laughing horse soon. He'll release a statement on this soon. It was already in the works before you got frustrated with him. Please chill.

In case people haven't noticed... 30.Nov.2004 09:50

O bother

Laughing Horse Books(is a totally amazing radical resource but) is kind of preaching to the choir. If any movements or voices want to get their message out, sometimes they gotta go to some really icky places. However, let's not forget that Powell's is unionized now and many of us supported the workers to make it that way.

On a more relevant note,
This book is really good so far(I'm 1/4 of the way through). I'm beginning to have a clearer understanding of what has happened to Craig Rosebraugh and also it's really exciting and informative to read about the ELF (and some ALF) history. Lots of stuff I forgot about or hadn't heard of.