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Attempt On Bush

If at first you don't succeed.....try, try again.
Is this story really true, or is it Bushington based propacrappa?

Colombia 'Foiled
Attempt On Bush'
By Jeremy McDermott
BBC, Colombia

The largest guerrilla group in Colombia ordered an assassination attempt on US President George W Bush during a recent visit there, a senior official says.

Colombian Defence Minister Jorge Alberto Uribe said Mr Bush was targeted in the city of Cartagena last Monday.

Informers and other intelligence sources revealed the attempt, he said.

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) have long accused the US of meddling in the country's 40-year civil war.

The Farc's seven-man ruling body ordered guerrilla units to make an attempt on Mr Bush's life, Mr Uribe said.

Long list of reasons

The Colombian authorities insisted that the attempt was thwarted by the heavy security net thrown up around the US president which, apart from his own secret service details, included 15,000 members of the Colombian security forces.

The Farc have a long list of reasons for wanting Mr Bush dead, most pressing is the fact that Washington provides over $600m in mainly military aid to Bogota and supplies intelligence from US listening stations, satellites and spy planes that are focused on Colombia.

Another reason is the issue of extradition.

The US has indicted much of the Farc high command on drugs trafficking charges and two senior Farc commanders in prison seem set to sent to face American justice.

The fact that the guerrillas would even consider killing the most powerful and heavily protected man on earth shows that US involvement in Colombia is so deep that the rebels feel they have very little to lose.


who knows? 28.Nov.2004 09:26


But it's interesting to note how the UK auhtorities "foiled a 9/11 type plot" just in time for a Parliament vote on increased funding for "anti-terrorism" (hyper-militarism, fascism, etc.). I guess we live in a world of amazing coincidences.

Who can believe anything that comes out of the mainstream press just because they said it? Maybe it's true, maybe not...either way, all of the same problems remain.

This is just more propaganda for Bush. 28.Nov.2004 09:39


If they foiled the plot, where are the reports of FARC members arrested for the plot? Where is the evidence of the plot?

There is none because there was no plot.

another GWBush near miss 28.Nov.2004 14:20


It has been a well-kept-but-leaking secret that Bush survived a serious assasination attempt in I-think-it-was-IN-Florida during [I know for sure] the summer of 2001--July probably.
The reporter, whose book included a contemporary photograph of successful Kennedy Assasination Consrtium made in Mexica City around November/December 1963, was a long time documentary producer whose award winning work wes used for feature presentation on more than one of America's Corporate TV networks.

..and then there was one. 28.Nov.2004 15:48


The Best Insurance Money Can Buy:
"Everything's Under Control"

Bush Assassination Thwarted 28.Nov.2004 19:26