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voting during a war?
Shiite Leader Opposes Delay in Iraq's Vote

BAGHDAD, Iraq, Nov. 27 - Iraq's most powerful Shiite cleric is opposing a drive by prominent Sunni Arab and Kurdish political factions to delay elections scheduled for Jan. 30, an aide to the cleric and Shiite leaders said Saturday.
The American ambassador to Iraq, John D. Negroponte, also lent his forceful support to keeping the present election date. "National elections will be taking place on the 30th of January of next year," he said on Saturday, while touring the devastated Sunni city of Falluja.

And the rest of the story:


Personal note, The reason that the Shiite do not want to postpone this election is that they now hold all the cards to win and win big. The Shiite population makes up about 60% of the population of Iraq.

Even before we went into Iraq and caused so much damage to our foreign policy, liberals were warning that after the war, we would loose the peace because there is no one to turn the county over to. The Shiites will make Iraq into Iran 2----that is what we have said over and over again but 60 million Americans said, "Iraqis or Iranians are they not the same."

One of the more comical things that will happen will be trying to hold an election during a war, not sure how you do this, but I am sure the Shiites will declare victory and take control of the country. The other 40% of the population will rise up and the war will go on and on with no way for us to get out with any dignity. If we had another president he would declare a great victory after the election and get out, not this idiot, just watch what he does, and if you have a child in the age group 20-45 I would be looking for a place for them to go during the coming draft.

Our Crusader will never leave until Christianity has a foothold in Iraq. Freedom for Iraq really means convert or suffer.
... 28.Nov.2004 10:20

this thing here

when some of the actual parties taking place in the election want it postponed out of fear for their lives, but the u.s. controlled interim government does not, what does that tell us?

good luck achieving a peaceful democratic iraq...

if political parties feel they cannot operate in a peaceful political fashion, picking up supporters and votes, and then taking this support to the polls in an election, what is to stop them in iraq from picking up arms instead? especially if they feel they didn't have an opportunity to peacefully establish themselves BEFORE the election, due to concerns about security?

once again, the bush admin. is ramming something through, giving a fuck all to the consequences.

but part of me thinks this is fine with them. the plan being to have most all of the genuine parties scared off due to the lack of security, therefore leaving the only "choice" at the "election" an already established u.s. puppet. the result being a fake, second rate mockery of democracy where the elections are free, but the "choices" have been picked NOT by the indigenous people but by the occupying army...