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Portland Social Workers Go On Strike For Children

Workers at the Parry Center are going on strike to turn back the tide of maltreatment and injustice at the Parry Center. Currently turnover for staff who work directly with the kids is around 50% at any one time. This is due largely to the poor pay, and the environment of
  • WHO: SEIU Local 503
  • WHEN: Monday Nov. 29th, 6 pm
  • WHERE: 3415 SE Powell
expected and induced burnout by management, who use poor working conditions as a lever to oust good employees who try to improve things at the work place. Management frequently rides all the legal limits, especially staff to child ratios, so that when a problem does arise it is the children and staff who suffer from understaffing. They have refused to put in THE LEGAL STAFFING LIMITS in the contract, presumably because when they break the law with understaffing they could have to deal with a quicker form of justice by the union.

How low can the race to the bottom take us? How about $9.28 an hour for college graduates who care for vulnerable children - and no raise for another three years (after a 1 year wage freeze before)?

That's what workers at the Parry Center for Children in Portland are facing as they prepare to strike as early as Nov. 29 in an effort to end a freeze on their wages and to hold onto union rights in their current contract.

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