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election fraud

More Votes than Voters in Wyoming

According to the official Wyoming website for voter statistics, the turnout in 2004 was 106%. 245,000 votes for 230,000 registered voters.
Here is the link to the article

homepage: homepage: http://www.mbtranslations.com
address: address: http://soswy.state.wy.us/election/profile.htm

Vote early 27.Nov.2004 21:19

and often...

Hey they did good this year. Their previous record was set in the 2000 general election when only 101pct of registered voters actually voted.

They just want to make sure all the votes are counted. And counted. And counted...

ledgen 27.Nov.2004 22:44


Registered Voters
% of Eligible Voters
232,396 62%

Turnout of
Registered Voters

245,789 106%

Voters Turnout of
Eligible Voters

It begs the question. Perhap this included newly registered voterd from the voting age population of 376,359 but  http://soswy.state.wy.us/election/2004/gen-reg.htm seems to indicat otherwise. I am confounded. email:  elections@state.wy.us < elections@state.wy.us> for clairification

Same-Day Registration 27.Nov.2004 23:05

Scotty B.

Does Wyoming have same-day registration, and would that explain the apparent irregularity? I know that in Idaho there's high voter turnout combined with about 10% registering on voting day, so if the situation in Wyoming is similar it could be the cause.

Perhaps not as shady as it looks 28.Nov.2004 11:28

Black Sheep

Appears that the case is as was suggested above, voters registering at the polls. See the below Casper Star Tribune article.