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Helen Woodson Sentenced

On Tuesday, November 24, Helen Woodson was informed that she would be
sentenced the next day in federal court in Kansas City.
Appearing before Chief U.S. District Judge Dean Whipple, Woodson was
>sentenced only on the charges resulting from her actions last March,
>following her release from federal prison.
>At the quickly-scheduled hearing, Judge Whipple acknowledged he had heard
>from Helen's friends, and said he would be sentencing her in a few weeks
>for violating probation in Chicago, after he receives Helen's file from
>that office. Until then, he ordered she continue to be held in the
>Missouri jail where she has been since March. (address below)
>Helen was sentenced to 51 months in prison for five counts of making
>threatening communications to federal judges and Air Force personnel, and
>one count of destruction of government property. The sentence was at the
>upper limit defined by the law in her case. She was also sentenced to 13
>months for violation of probation from the 1984 Silo Pruning Hooks charges,
>a sentence that is now mostly complete. Helen reported in a phone call
>that she expects an additional 57 months will be added to her sentence
>when the Chicago charges are dealt with, and that with credit for good
>time, she may be released in September, 2012. The Kansas City Star reports
>that she told Judge Whipple, "What you will be doing today is setting the
>date for my next action, and I invite you to be there that day."
>Fr. Carl Kabat, Helen's co-defendant from her 1984 arrest at a Missouri
>nuclear missile silo who was recently released from jail for his own
>continuing anti-nuclear activity, attended the sentencing hearing and
>testified about his evolution as a nuclear resister and his pride in
>knowing Helen Woodson all these years.
>Letters of support can be send to
>Helen Woodson 03231-045
>Bates County Jail
>P. O. Box 60
>Butler, MO 64730