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Fur Free Friday-Report Back

Friday was a very eventful day. I first attended the Fur Free Friday Rally. We chanted and marched, people and dogs, to each place that sold fur and Matt Rossell from In Defense of Animals would speak about his experiences when he actually worked at fur farms and saw with his own eyes the torturing and abuse that goes on behind all the glamour of fur coats, fur trim etc. One dog at the protest was wearing a shirt that said something like, "I don't wear people"!
I saw a woman standing over on the sidewalk that had fur trim on the hood of her coat. I gave her a flier and then turned around to a woman who was criticizing me for bothering the woman with the fur trim. I got in a discussion with her as she told me she does not kill animals for fur, but she has found animals already dead and took the fur off of them to make into coats. She told me that if she was here with her fur coat that everyone would attack her. That was a very interesting conversation.

We then marched up to Nicholas Ungar Furs where I decided to film through the windows to catch a glimpse of the long fur coats hanging on their racks....really gross :-( A man came out of the fur store and told me that we got a permit to be in the street, so I should go back into the street. I think it was the son of Nicholas Ungar. We also had an interesting conversation. I don't remember that much from the conversation except that i was thinking, "Oh my god, this man contributes to millions of animals being tortured all for fasion". All I can remember saying is something like "Anal electrocution? That's disguting!" Everything happened so fast that I can't remember much, good thing I took video footage! Then a man from KGW came over and it seemed like he wanted to interview the guy. The man told KGW that he didn't want to be interviewed because "KGW is worse then them!" I believe he was refering to my Portland Independent Media Press Pass.

We then marched to Shumachers Furs (possibly spelled wrong). Many of us were horrified to see a rich blond white woman with a large fur coat to her waist with her daughter who had a pink fur coat on with a pink fur ring. She had a big smile on until she walked out of the fur store and everyone was yelling "SHAME ON YOU! SHAME ON YOU!" If that was not enough, some of us followed her down the sidewalk with a policeman and possibly her husband yelling "40 Dead Animals, 1 Fur Coat!" As we were chanting I overheard her ask the policeman, "Isn't this harrassment?" "No" he said. "So I can turn around and say something?" he told her she could. She turned around and started yelling at us and tried to grab a anti-fur sign out of a woman's hand. The officer immediately responded and pushed the white rich bitch out of the way and told her she could not touch people. Then the woman had the mistake to walk past the vegan/vegetatian food cart as we were still chanting "40 Dead Animals, 1 Fur Coat!" and pointing to her fur coat in front of us. There was around 7 people who were standing outside the food cart staring at her with disgusting looks on their faces. Some made remarks to her. We kept following her and chanting all the way until she went into another store that sells fur "Nordstrom."

After the anti-fur march, I went to Pioneer Place where the Buy Nothing Day folks decided to go into Nordstrom singing Buy Nothing Day Carrols. They sang up and down the escalators as people watched and smiled. It seemed people were really happy to see them there. I think the people shopping were not listening to the words of the carrols but just the familiar christmas tunes.:-)

We then went to Abercrombie and Fitch across the street where was a male model posing shirtless with a scarf. Some Buy Nothing Day boys decided to also take off their shirts and started posing with the model in the store and then everyone started dancing to the music in A&F until we were asked to leave and then pushed out to leave. Then the bicycle cops showed up and one rammed his bike into my leg yelling "MOVE!" you know the usual thing cops do to make themselves feel powerful. The cops then decided to block the entrance to A&F. Thanks Guys!! We always can count on the cops doing the jobs for us! People then went to pioneer square and sang carrols. I had noticed a man that had been following the group taking either video or pictures with his cell phone. He was a very sketchy man with an earpiece in his ear. So I decided to videotape him. He kept trying to hide from my camera, getting annoyed that I was filming him he decided to spit on my skirt. I then asked him why he did that cause I did not do that to him and just because he did it to me, I still woudn't do that to him cause that's disgusting. He told me he was really sorry and asked for my forgiveness. I forgave him and then asked him to find a paper towel to wipe the spit off my skirt, and he did!!! I still don't know if he was security, even though he told me he wasn't. But whether he was or not, he proved that he was really sorry for spitting on my skirt cause he wiped his own spit off me. I thought the whole incident was very weird! People continued to sing and dance.

This was a very fun, interesting, Fur Free Friday and Buy Nothing Day!!!
I Can't Wait To Do It Again!!!!! :-)
I only took 2 pics cause I was videotaping most of the time!

homepage: homepage: http://www.furkills.org

nice 30.Nov.2004 08:42

supe it up

nice summary there.
if you ever wanted to let folks know about the event beforehand
you could also submit it to The Dirt!  http://www.thedirt.org
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