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How must a mother feel ?

A mother deprived to recognize his returned son.
How must a father feel whose son died on a dirty dishonest policy?
How must parents feel whose sons returned as cripple due to a couple of utterly ruthless profiteers.
Thousands of parents lives sink to dolor, eroded by rage, agony and black despair. A lot of these parents have nothing more to loose, they have lost everything. They lost their children senseless sent to death by merciless robber and murderer.

Publicized on Thursday November 11, 2004 by The Guardian a British father whose sons were driven to death said it clear in public. The father of two Black Watch soldiers serving at Camp Dogwood in Iraq threatened to kill the defence secretary, Geoff Hoon, because he was a "two-faced lying git". James Buchanan, whose sons Gary, 27, and Craig, 24, both corporals, were due to return home but then redeployed north to reinforce the American assault on Falluja, said:

"This man has got me so angry. If I see him in the street I would kill him. I would kill that man. I would cut his throat."

The Americans are the best armed civil society in the world. At any third store you can buy a gun. So what would happen if thousands of fathers would buy a sniper gun? What would happen when they exercise oneself in sharpshooting? What would happen when they call to account the true murderer of their children? What would happen when these fathers would bushwhack these murderer? What would happen when these thousands of fathers would hunt these criminals to death?

Any, forsooth any raids, covered as wars for freedom, instigated by a greedy elitist upper class would be prevented sustainable. All these political criminals would think twice before they make the common people to robber and murderer for profit. These fathers would prevent the killing of further thousands of common american people sent to staged and futile wars and made to slayers by a down-and-dirty upper class. For the world and also for most Americans these fathers deprived of their sons would be memorable tragic heroes saving ten thousands of lives.

So we call you, why you're waiting for! Any day dozens of your sons perish as cannon fodder and hundreds of Iraqis get murdered for a simple regime change. Stand up and take your sniper guns. You have nothing to loose!

homepage: homepage: http://www.strike-free.net

Revolt 27.Nov.2004 22:39

Dr. Dude

Revolt may be nessisary at this point. Let us not be hasty. Revenge is not the end that we desire (that doesn't mean I would like to see a couple of those fucks shot.) However, the total outrage is what we do need at this point. When it comes to revolution: speed is bullshit, timing is everything. I hope the time is coming soon for change. Wait until the draft is in place and see how much more interest Americans have in what's going on. There is too much blood. Peace might be the only means to peace. I hope peaceful change is a viable option. I'm so sick to my stomach of seeing my friends and my generation slaughtered without just cause.