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Report-backs from Buy Nothing Day

Today, as planned, we met at Lloyd Center at ten o' clock, and a few people had signs and costumes, I saw our group on the news, but I think I was inside the mall at the time. At this point, a few of us had signs and/or costumes, and then a few of us split into groups of two or three people, and we put little info sheets about issues such as sweatshop labor in the pockets of clothing in stores like The Gap, Sears, Hot Topic, Old Navy, etc. Then we passed out leaflets on the way out. Apparently, the other one or two groups that had gotten in (some couldn't, because of security) were kicked out, but we were never approached by any security, and we left via the entrance that the policeman was guarding, so he was kinda confused. Then some people with buy nothing day shopping carts showed up (there are pictures of this in the other article) and after singing some more of our buy nothing day carrols, we took the max downtown, to pioneer place. A few of us got in, and were promptly kicked out, but, by the time I got there, there was a security official with a video camera standing at the door who videotaped me and told us that the mall is private property, and that he would arrest me if I came into the store. I Was At Wal-Mart
I was at the Walmart on 82nd and Holgate with my sign that said "Boycott Walmart. Supoort real local jobs" I was there walking around on sidewalks around Walmart and the Eastport Plaza in which it is located. The manager came out and told me to leave. I didnt. 10 minutes later a security guard who claimed to represent the Eastport Plaza and told me to leave as well or he would have to call the cops. THe security guard was nice about it and said he hated Walmart and wished "someone would nuke the place" The scene in Roseburg, Oregon
It's kinda hard being down here on Buy Nothing Day. My folks of course think I am a nut anyway, and told me they had to get gas and milk and blah blah and off they went. So, I went for a short drive too (Roseburg, OR is pretty easy to cover quickly, takes longer to drive to from my folks' place than all the way thru town) looking for ANY kind of peace action (all the strip malls etc were jammed of course), and guess what I found- Peacniks! No lie, right in the middle of one of the redneckiest parts of the state...

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buy nothing day 2004