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Buy nothing day?

Um, where was everyone?
Today, at about 1:30 I rode my bike to Loyd Center in the hopes of seeing the "largest buy nothiong day event" to date... and I didn't see anything. I circled the mall one and a half times... no people with instruments or flyers. No people at all other than the odd consumer.
Did I get the date wrong? Did they get the date wrong? Everything seemed normal inside... what gives?
There did seem to be a couple more police than usual, did they hold some mass arrest just before I got there? (Unlikely)
I was planning on barricading the parking structure entrances, but that probably wouldn't have been very productive without anyone else there... oh well.

If anything did happen, then please, do tell!
They started at 10 a.m. 26.Nov.2004 15:05


Yeah it was cool, the buy nothing day people where out in force handing out flyers, talking to people, walking into the mall (before they got kicked out), and singing songs. It was great! Then after a few hours they all got on the maxx around noon and went to the mall downtown where they stood and did the samething. They even took over the band for about ten minutes to play them tunes to buy nothing day songs they wrote.

What topped it all off for me was the jerk head of security who got his picture taken video taping everyone, flipping all the buy nothing day people off. I was laughing so hard when I saw that. Good job everyone who was out there!

Well, this may not make you feel much better 26.Nov.2004 15:16

but it helped me.....

I am out of town or I too would have been wandering around Lloyd Ctr, probably getting my photo taken by the cops, and wondering where everyone was....It's kinda hard being down here on Buy Nothing Day. My folks of course think I am a nut anyway, and told me they had to get gas and milk and blah blah and off they went. So, I went for a short drive too (Roseburg, OR is pretty easy to cover quickly, takes longer to drive to from my folks' place than all the way thru town) looking for ANY kind of peace action (all the strip malls etc were jammed of course), and guess what I found- Peacniks! No lie, right in the middle of one of the redneckiest parts of the state, on Garden Valley Rd in front of the fire station every friday from 1230 to 1pm, you will find a contingent of Women in Black! I was so tickled, I honked and blew kisses and then pulled in to join them. They told me the climate here for peaceniks is pretty chilly, the Bushies are strutting and preening and the incidence of violence against gay kids has risen, but they remain determined and hopeful. Altho the news was not so great, I feel soooo much better than I did before I went for that drive! No, I did not buy anything today, I was GIVEN something. Finally, after all the turkey and stuffing has been eaten and cut up for sandwiches, I finally feel thankful! Despite everything, we persevere!

pictures from BND 26.Nov.2004 15:27


we were out at Lloyd center this morning but headed to pioneer place around noon. Here's some pictures from the action!
shopping cart dancing
shopping cart dancing

I cheated 26.Nov.2004 15:27


I bought a mocha at a local espresso stand.

more pictures-downtown this time 26.Nov.2004 15:38


I definately thought the highlight of the day was when a bunch of us stormed Abercrombie, many of the guys with their shirts off, and spent a few minuites insdie dancing with our signs to the AWSOME "techno" they've got blasting in there....
storming into abercrombie
storming into abercrombie
bike cops blocking nordstroms
bike cops blocking nordstroms

I Was At Wal-Mart 26.Nov.2004 15:58

Stand Up

I was at the Walmart on 82nd and Holgate with my sign that said "Boycott Walmart. Supoort real local jobs"
I was there walking around on sidewalks around Walmart and the Eastport Plaza in which it is located. The manager came out and told me to leave. I didnt. 10 minutes later a security guard who claimed to represent the Eastport Plaza and told me to leave as well or he would have to call the cops. THe security guard was nice about it and said he hated Walmart and wished "someone would nuke the place"
So I spent the rest of my time protesting at the entrance to the Plaza on 82nd. Got a few positive responses from drivers and a few negative comments from Walmart customers. And i did get the "get a job" crack. I love that one because I have one but I guess some people want me to work 24/7.
In the end, I was joined by my wife and year old kid. It was nice for the family support. I kept my sign and plan on making the protest an ongoing event. Buy nothing day should always pertain to Walmart!! Maybe I will see some of you there as well.

I saw you man, nice work. 26.Nov.2004 16:34

Crucified Ego

Saw you out front of hell-mart on 82nd. Nice work. BND can work if people participate. Unfortunatley, I was on my way to work, or I probably would have joined in.

Keep the spirit alive!


Looks great 26.Nov.2004 20:47


I also cheated, I had to get groceries. But I *didn't* buy them from a "big box" store. No Target, no Walmart and I didn't go anywhere NEAR a mall. I watched the crowds stampeding each other in Alabama on CNN and laughed my ass off.

Seriously, people, if the store runs out, they'll RESTOCK IN A FEW DAYS. There's no need to crush someone's skull to get a fucking DVD player.

Yeah, delaying your purchases 24 hours will make a huge dent 26.Nov.2004 22:16

Teddy Ruxpin (The Lousy Typist)

Slowing down spending for one day, then making it all up the next day, is going to change the world.

At least BND is entertaining. I opt for a "buy nothing from the worst corporations, regardless of the calendar, and shop shop green, local and peaceful every day" lifestyle. The only reason I did not buy anything today was because I was too damn lazy to leave the house and deal with mobs.

change society day 27.Nov.2004 10:53


It seems to me that this' buy nothing day' just smacks of pettie bourgeoisie moralism.
The problem is not that people are buying stuff, but many people can't afford to buy anything. Everyday for them is a buy nothing day, where often dinner is 10 for a dollar Top Raman noodles.
What we really need is a 'organize to change society day,' which could be- everyday.
Then society can democratically decide what things people need the most and make them.
Guilt tripping people into not buying anything might make yourself feel as if you've done something, but I'm afraid it, despite your good intentions, will change nothing.

And to the person who bought that truck-you were robed. Never buy a vehicle from California. It was probably in an accident. Looks like a piece of junk anyway

buy something for someone who can't 27.Nov.2004 14:16

simple consumer

I agree with the last post.
How about trying to get the consumers to just put their money in a different arena?
How about go without and give to someone who really needs it?
Saying you will not support ANY consumerism is silly. What about the small independent stores making the right choices about healthy and free trade products? Don't penalize them. Support grass roots and live more simply 365 days a year.
Simple consumer

Spendamentalists 27.Nov.2004 14:22


we went out as spendamentalists, preaching and chanting the power of spending and of capitalism. it was great to encounter so many excited shoppers with all their branded names!
We're going to have a video compiled of all our street interviews and actions.

To those of you condemning BND 27.Nov.2004 14:47


We understand your concerns, and that's why the leaflets that we passed out contained lists of other places they could shop, as alternatives to the places in the malls that contain stores and products from the biggest and most abusive corporations.

BND IS GOOD BECAUSE>>> 27.Nov.2004 21:25

Dr. Dude

Consuming has so much to do with how we live that we tend to forget were even doing it. Its so second nature to us that it doesn't take any thought to walk up to a counter and hand over paper bills or a plastic card and then recieve a neatly packaged thing or service. BND is a way to break up the routine a bit and become more concsious of what we are doing. Everything we buy is a vote (yes you could say democratic in a way) if we vote without thinking, then we can very well not realize the impact of our vote. Our culture is buying/voteing its way into slavery with every corprate piece of trash they buy. There's good reasons for people to "buy green" but people have to realize the importance and connection of what they're doing, not just being part of a cool group.

Make your own 28.Nov.2004 13:31

Mrs. Clear Plastic

For the past 5 Christmasses (since 1998) I have not done much shopping for the gifts for my families. Instead, I have made my own.

I make unusual clothing and glass items (My other Site) I used to do woodworking.

I made it a point to make each family member something that reminds them of me and that lasts; ie; an heirloom.

I also have a strict policy of no wrapping paper. I wrap my gifts in either home made tote bags, or fabric shower curtains, or at least something that can be used.

One year I wrapped each gift in a towell.

The only time I want into a mall this year (Lloyd Center) was to see a matinae showing of a movie that I could not find anywhere else (Polar Express). There is a saying that I once heard during a Quakers meeting . . . "Are the gifts you bring to your loved ones during these holidays created by hands gifted with love and passion or are those gifts assembed by hands burdened by the fear of the point of the gun held by a slave driver?"