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Tre's Thanksgiving Message

food for thought
I just want to thank everyone for sending me energy
and keeping me in their prayers. It is what keeps me
Also, I just wanted to remind everyone that
Thanksgiving is a day when, its true meaning is
forgotten and many animals and mother earth suffer so
that wealthy people in the one of the most affluent
countries of the world celebrate their dominance over
the land. Meanwhile many of the less affluent people
in the US and the world, are oppressed and suffering
as a result of America's corporate and political
power. Thanksgiving is a good time to fast, and focus
on the beauty of mother earth, her animals and life
giving sacrifices. Please let your thanksgiving
celebration contribute to the earth and her healing.
Peace and love


homepage: homepage: http://www.trearrow.org

Wake Up, Tre 26.Nov.2004 06:40

I'm not a leftist

Thanksgiving is for all of America.

That's why the poor line up to get if for free.

Do you want the homeless to fast or what?

O.k. - for homeless people, most vegans 26.Nov.2004 18:38


would not begrudge them what is given to them to eat - that's survivial. For the rest of you, there is no reason to contribute to cruelty by eating animals. Tre has a message of compassion that you're desperately trying to find fault with. It's common that people like to point to others who must make hard choices in order to survive, and say something like, "subsistence farmers in Uganda must eat animals in order to survive - so it must be o.k. for me to eat them too!"

turkey 26.Nov.2004 21:00

Aaron Boothby

lets face it, turkey is damn tasty. Cut your hair hippies!

Have a look at the current features on Indymedia 26.Nov.2004 21:10

you are precisely why I dislike humans

for what these animals go through for your greedy tastebuds. Of course you can be selfish and destructive if you want. But don't expect others to care about your suffering, or to create a compassionate world, while you yourself oppress the most helpless. You are part of the problem.