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Consent Workshop

Free Workshop Thursday Dec. 2nd
Consent Workshop - free and open to all
Thursday dec. 2nd 6pm-8pm at the community room at People's Co op (3029) SE 21st.

this workshop will cover what is consent and what it
is NOT, ways to understand people's sign's for
consent and ways to ask for consent, as well as
figuring out ways to reach the ultimate in safe and
healthy sex.

the workshop is brought to you by the hysteria
collective. the hysteria collective is an anarchist
collective of women and trans confronting sexual
assault and patriarchy within our communities. At all
our events we have the following safer space policy:
We work to address, confront and eliminate oppressive
behaviors and ways of thinking including but not
limited to racist, ageist, sexist, heterosexist,
transphobic, able-bodyist, classist and other language
and actions that perpetuate oppression. If and when
they occur individuals and groups participating will
be instantly removed from the event. known sexual
perpetrators are not permitted at any time.

for more info---------->  hysteriacollective@yahoo.com or 503.282.0465
Sounds good, but 25.Nov.2004 11:38


Wouldn't it be a good idea to allow known sexual perpetrators to attend? I mean, these are folks who have proven that they need to learn this stuff. Maybe by allowing a sexual perpetrator to attend, you could prevent him/her from committing another transgression.
I wish I could go, but I'm not in Portland.

gabba gabba hey 25.Nov.2004 20:05


If the law could actually do it's job, then the predators couldn't attend, they would be in prison. But instead, they have to make room for the refer addicts. BOTH PARTIES SUCK!!!

thank you hysteria 26.Nov.2004 14:02

dan impresora

Thank you to Hysteria for providing this workshop and working to make it a safer space. I wholeheartedly agree that a workshop about consent geared towards sexual perpatrators is needed. However, why would a collective who specifically works with survivors be the group to organize and provide that workshop? Maybe this town could use an ally group that could work in solidarity with Hysteria but work with and organize workshops for perpatrators?

Safer spaces are necessary for survivors. The assumption that survivors would feel comfortable attending an event that is not only open to but directly targeting perpatrators is insulting and thoughtless. It seems that anytime anyone tries to implement a safer space, an initial reaction is to ask "what about the perps?". Why doesn't anyone ask about the survivors anytime a safer space is not implemented? I will be attending this workshop, I hope lots of people will. Thank you again.

good ideas 27.Nov.2004 12:04


big props for this work, great stuff. keep it up, super dooper important.

however... isn't part of the ideology that all of us are socialized to be sexist, racist, etc. and that it's long term work to reduce that socialization in us...thus that no one is totally free of it, ever...and doesn't instantly removing people from an event because they've acted oppressively imply that the norm for participants will be to not ever act in an oppressive way in the workshops? how does that jive with the "we're all socialized to internalize oppressive behaviors" logic? Also, by what proccess will behavior in session be determined to be oppressive? just long term proccess questions that could use some rumination. best of luck to all and keep up the terrific work.

behavior 27.Nov.2004 22:51

lee hunter

a- i think that you raise some good questions. people do have internalized behaviors including, racism, homophobia, sexism, classism, and the rest of the list. the safer space policy is a reminder about these internalized behaviors, which can be very covert, while reminding us that blatant forms of degrading behavior will not be tolerated. i think that people can always work on deprogramming institutinalized behaviors and it's very important for everyone to work on that shit. the safer space policy creates a guideline of basic respect and if those basic rules of respect cannot be followed then the person or group displaying that behavoir is asked to leave. i think you raise a good question about how decisions are made. it is my understanding that if a person is uncomfortable with a situation and asks the organizer(s) to tell a person/group to leave, then the organizer(s) will ask that person to leave or if the organizers notice a situation, the person/group will be asked to leave. to my knowledge i have never been at an event where someone was asked to leave, so i couldn't tell you exactly how those decisions are made.