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Thanksgiving some suprises?

interesting facts I did not know about Thanksgiving
11/24/04 Thanksgiving

There are three interesting sites that I read and man was I surprised, thought I knew everything about thanksgiving, wrong again.

A little teaser, did you know that part of our Constitution comes from native Americans?

Did you know how we returned the favor givens to us by the one of the main characters, Squanto.

Do you know that the Pilgrims believed in the imminent occurrence of Armageddon in Europe and thought they were creating the land of God here and there was no place for the Native American.

What part did religion play in the utter destruction of the Native Americans on the East Coast?

Why is Thanksgiving not a day of calibration for Native Americans?

Who was Sarah Hale?

It was not Lincoln who made Thanksgiving into a national holiday, as some Republicans like to say, it was FDR.




There are other surprises, at least for me.