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Buy Nothing Day Protest: Friday, Nov 26

The largest Buy Nothing Day Protest is being organized by a group not to be named. Plans are to surround the Lloyd Center Mall to help educate shoppers on the dangers of supporting a corporate-run world. On Friday, Nov. 26, starting at 9 am and running through 9 pm, protesters will be walking around the mall, playing instruments (as many as possible) and handing out pamphlets to would-be shoppers. We expect a few thousand people from all around the Northwest and other areas of the country. We want to shut down the mall for one day on the busiest day of the year.

"Luke" writes:
I am a part of the Portland Jammer group and we are also orginizing an event on BND. We wil be meeting at the lloyd center at 10am on friday. Later in the day ('round 12ish)we'll catch the max to the pioneer Place mall. We hope to at least bring 30-40 poeple (more if we cordinate actions with you). email me at tuffdharma(a)gmail(dot)com.

buy nothing critical mass
holy crap! critical mass conincides with the largest shopping day of the year for the united states. that can mean only one thing, a critical mass ride, on it's usual last friday of the month, 5:30 at the north park blocks, to help support buying nothing and going on a friendly ride of sorts. it's getting dark out early and cops have large chips on their shoulders so remember lights( white light in front, red light or red reflector in back)