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Portland Anti-Inauguration Spokescouncil Meeting -- Dec 5th.

There's a spokescouncil meeting for people interested in organizing anti-inauguration actions in Portland for January 20th. It will be at Sunday, December 5th at Liberty Hall at Noon.
This meeting is especially for the North/Northeast Portland activist community (but of course everyone is welcome!).

Wouldn't it be great if southeast, downtown, Lewis and Clark, and Reed area activists had similair meetings around the same time and we all came back together for report backs?

How about it neighborhoods?

We've got 2 months: let's make J20 a big one portland!

If you want to organize a meeting in your 'hood please email contact__at__j20pdx.net

There is no "official organization" working on organizing for J20.
The meetings will be run by consensus / direct democracy.

This of course needn't mean the protests and actions will be a disorganized free for all, it merely means there are no rules and that we are free to make the protests what we want them through coordinated and autonomous actions. If you've got something different you want to see, make it happen.

Spread the word...check out www.j20pdx.net

homepage: homepage: http://www.j20pdx.net