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you say you want a revolution?

what is really needed for real change, as taken from the book 'joy: the happiness that comes from within' by osho
before you have dropped your own problems, you cannot have the right perpective to understand the world's problems. your own home is in such a mess, your own inner being is in such a mess - how can you have the perspective to understand vast problems? you have not even understood yourself - start from there, because every other start will be a wrong start.

people who are in a tremendously confused state of mind start helping others, and start proposing solutions - these people have created more trouble in the world than they have solved. these are the real mischief makers; the politicians, the economists, the so - called public servants, missionaries. these are the real mischief makers - they have not solved their owninner consciousness yet, and they are ready to jump on everybody else and solve everybody else's problems. in fact in this waythey are avoiding their own reality - they dont want to face it. they want to remain engaged somewhere else with somebody else. it is a good distraction.

remember; YOU are the world problem. YOU are the problem, and unless YOU are solved, whatever you do is going to make things more complicated. first put your own house in order, create a cosmos there - it is a chaos.

yes, there are problems, i agree. there are great problems. life is such a hell. misery is there, poverty is there, violence is there, all kinds of madnesses are afloat, that's true - but still i insist the problem arises in the individual soul. the problem is there because individuals are in chaos. the overall chaos is nothing but a combined phenomenon: we have all poured our chaos into it.

war is not born out of the blue - we create it. it is our pusthat comes out, it is our chaos that takes the toll. the beginning has to be with you: you are the world problem. so dont avoid the reality of your inner world, that is the first thing.

as you are now, you cannot see the root of a problem, you see only the symptom. find out within yourself where the root is, and try hard to to change that root. poverty is not the root - greed is the root, poverty isthe outcome. you go fighting with poverty and nothing will happen. greed is the root, the greed has to be uprooted. war is not the problem, individual agressiveness is the problem - war is just the sum total of individual agression. you go on making protest marches and war is not going to be stopped. war is not the problem, the problem is individual agression. if you look at these protesters you will see that they are very agressive people, you will not see peace on their faces. they are ready to fight. peace marches can any moment turn into riots. these are aggressive people. inthe name of peace they are showing their aggression. if they had the power, if they had the atom bomb, they would drop the bomb to create peace. that's what all the politicians say - they say they are fighting so that peace can prevail.

there are people who would like to change things in a roundabout way. they want to change the world first then they will come to themselves. start wher you are. you are part of this ugly world and by changing yourself, you are changing the world. what are you?why try to change your neighbor? he may not like it, he may not want it, he may not be interested. if you have become aware that the world needs a great change, then you are the closest world to yourself. start from there.
bullshit 23.Nov.2004 18:21


Look inward-This is what they told people to do in the 60's- and now look at what we have to deal with!

It is time to get angry and tell the dictators that we do not recognize them as our leaders, like they did in Ukraine.
Polls don't match election results and these people don't take it so well
Polls don't match election results and these people don't take it so well
Eminem has it right
Eminem has it right

bullshit II 23.Nov.2004 18:51


We all have problems and are evolving and it is a neverending constant process. We can't sit and meditate while we move into fascisism, then what? Wow, you see the protesters as angry criminals? You should be grateful for those brave souls who are in the streets trying to save your ass. We can't sit by and watch what is happening and not speak out because our soul has not evolved to the point of greatness. So what if people use all of this as a distraction, I spose you think the war is also a distraction. Further, war does not happen from an accumalation of individual negativity, war happens from greedy, power hungry dictators occupying countries for their resources. Wake up and help out your country.

protestor 24.Nov.2004 05:03

demonstrator/would be revolutionary

there is no peace on my face because, they give me no choice but to fight. I wan't justice for stolen lands justice for non white humans, justice for Females of the specieces, justice for not "straight" folks. I want peace but inly after the class war. Damn right theres no peace on my face. pacifism is pathology, it is something we are told we must do to remain "civilised". we'll if this is civilization(sp?) I don't want it. fucking fight, damn right I'm pissed. my self "change can come when the oppressor is gone. maybe that the of the children future get to worry about peace and how to better themselves. but we have to fight now to get it for them.

fuck osho 25.Nov.2004 06:25


Yeah, this is real ispiring stuff from a guy who owned a fleet of Rolls Royces. Fuck every one of these yuppy shagging entrepreneurs of transcendence. The whole messgee can be boiled down to (along with that of nearly every other organized faith): Shut up, this life is only a trial/illusion. It's the eternal that matters. Suffering must be overcome by ignoring it! Do what I say and find peace within..... In Osho's case personal gratification takes a pretty central role, which is not such a bad thing, but you can't just go and "heal thyself". The individual is tied to the rest of humanity and indeed all of life. It's just negligence.

oh, and one more rant 25.Nov.2004 06:35


Change your fucking self you self-serving and slanderous pig. Drop the bomb indeed. I wonder how the countless victims of genocidal imperialism would feel about the idea of blaming their aggresive selves and sitting around meditating while their people, culture, and environment were/are wiped out of existence.

Every choice we make has an effect on the world around us and that includes the choice to sit on one's privileged ass and preach quietism while the world burns. It is a more purely destructive act than the burning of any amount of banks, let alone the assertion of our rights in the face of unaccountable authority (which I assume is what the prince of mental flabbiness is referring to when he uses the word "riot".)

WOW! 25.Nov.2004 11:00

Michael b

all power to the people!



the oshos, ramthas, and deepak chopras of the world are new age hucksters who swindle decent, harworking yuppies who have no culture, out of millions of dollars... wait, could that in fact be a good thing?