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Ohio Recount update from the Greens

Recount is happening but being delayed by SOS. Here is the update.
Thanks to the generosity of thousands of small donors coast-to-coast, we have now raised $250,000 toward the costs of the recount. $113,600 has gone out the door already to pay the State of Ohio for the recount costs, and we now have staff on the ground in Ohio. We'll be mobilizing thousands of volunteers to observe the hand recount in all 88 counties.

Today's big event is a hearing that may be held in a federal district court in Toledo to decide on whether the recount can begin as soon as possible. David Cobb of the Green Party and Michael Badnarik of the Libertarian Party are represented by John Bonifaz, General Counsel of the National Voting Rights Institute, and Ohio attorney Nancy Holland Myers. A November 17th Cobb-Badnarik letter to Ohio Secretary of State Blackwell said that the lack of a meaningful recount will violate Ohio recount law, as well as, "the rights under federal and state constitutional and statutory law of all Ohio citizens who cast a ballot for President on Election Day... .. Immediate action is necessary so that the recount procedures may begin as soon as possible."

"This is consistent with our standing up for the right to vote and for each vote to be counted. What's the point of having a recount if it won't be completed in time? Everyone knows what happened in Florida in 2000 and no one wants to see that happen again," said Blair Bobier, Media Director for the Cobb-LaMarche campaign.

We still need volunteers to come to Ohio for the next few weeks to make this recount happen. Students, seniors, anyone with vacation time - you all are welcome. All political parties and independents are welcome. Anyone who wants to preserve democracy in America is welcome. See you there!

homepage: homepage: http://www.votecobb.org

But don't talk to Counterpunch about it . . . 23.Nov.2004 16:42


Because they don't want to hear anything about how to steal an election, and certainly not the electronic way, where it can be done with one line of computer code.

Because if you ask them why they haven't published anything on the e-voting scam, you'll get this, in response, a topic which even the GAO is now more radical on!:

"The truly bad news is the 9/11 nuts have relocated to Stolen Election. My inbox is awash with their ravings. People who have spent the last three years sending me screeds establishing to their own satisfaction that George Bush personally ordered the attacks on the towers and that Dick Cheney vectored the planes in are now pummeling me with data on the time people spent on line waiting to vote in Cuyahoga county, Ohio, and how the Diebold machines are all jimmied. As usual, the conspiracy nuts think that plans of inconceivable complexity worked at 100 per cent efficiency, that Murphy's law was once again in suspense, and that 10,000 co-conspirators are all going to keep their mouths shut."

[In 2002 in Comal County in Central Texas 3 Republican candidates each won with exactly 18,181 votes. What do you think the odds are for that? Would you trust a lottery that hit the same numbers 3 weeks in a row? It gets worse. Two more Republicans in nearby states also won with exactly 18,181 votes. All five on the same type of ES&S voting machines.
Convert the numbers to the alphabet: 18181 18181 18181 ahaha ahaha ahaha - were they laughing at us? The voting machine company Diebold also uses a voting software called GEMS version 1.81.81. More laughter? Since brothers Bob and Todd Urosevich, founded ES&S and then Bob then went to run Diebold, perhaps both companies share a sense of humor. Diebold and ES&S, together, count about 80 percent of the votes in the United States."

Please tell me what the point of this is? 23.Nov.2004 16:57


Ok, I understand that we should make sure there was a fair and mostly honest election.

But can someone tell me what this recount is suppose to accomplish?

The recount doesn't start until after the election is certified by the Secretary of State. So basically the recount has no legal weight. By law the electors will be chosen (all republicans) and they will go to the elector college and make it official.

So even if for some reason Kerry ends up with more votes than Bush it will legally be a moot point.

So what's the recount for?


Thanks 23.Nov.2004 18:25


Thanks for making the recount a feature. I asked cleveland indy to put articles about the Ohio recount as a feature and they took them off of the newswire instead. Something is up with those guys. In the middle of the election being stolen, recounts happening, they are encouraging people to protest the school of the americas and palestine etc. which is valid of course but the election seems most important- esp getting local volunteers.

Has Cleveland indy been taken over by cointelpro? whassup with that.

whoa 23.Nov.2004 19:41


I just checked and anything about the recount at cleveland has been hidden. I posted something myself and it was completely removed. hmmmmmm

perhaps 25.Nov.2004 00:48


perhaps it was posted on their page to deal with selections? although they do seem to apply a fair amount of doubt to the votefraud conspiracy.