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Fur is 'for the dogs' at this year's Fur Free Friday

The fur industry has convinced the media that 'fur is back.' Join In Defense of Animals and bring your canine friend for a fun and educational, 1.5 mile walk in remembrance of the 40 million animals brutalized and killed by the fur industry each year. Help remind the public that fur is for the dogs and all the other fur-bearing critters; never for vanity!
Holding posters featuring a beautiful fox with a price tag attached to his ear, supporters of In Defense of Animals will gather in front of Schumacher Furs at SW 10th & Yamhill to show shoppers - on the busiest shopping day of the year - the true price of fur and urge them to shun any garment with fur or fur trim.

Date: Friday, November 26, 2004
Where: Schumacher Furs, SW 10th & Yamhill
Time: 11:00 am - March begins at 11:30 am

This demonstration is concurrent with similar demonstrations across the U.S, on the day after Thanksgiving, which has become known as Fur Free Friday. Activists want shoppers to realize that all fur, even the kind inconspicuously used as trim on coats, ear muffs, or gloves, comes from animals raised on fur farms where the standard methods of killing animals for "ranched fur" is gassing, neck breaking, poisoning, or anal or vaginal electrocution. The fur may even come from animals in the wild that continue to be caught in steel-jaw traps where they suffer excruciating pain, often for days, before having their chests stomped on or their necks broken by trappers. Beavers caught in underwater traps struggle frantically for up to 20 minutes before drowning.

Over the past decade, the campaign to stop the bloody fur trade has been enormously successful. Pressure from anti-fur activists was successful in encouraging Macy's West to end its fur sales throughout its West Coast stores. The habit of wearing fur has been exposed and stigmatized as blatant animal cruelty.

Many celebrated designers, such as Stella McCartney, Todd Oldham, and Calvin Klein refuse to design with fur. For more information on IDA's anti-fur campaign, please visit www.FurKills.org.

homepage: homepage: http://www.FurKills.org
phone: phone: 503-249-9996
address: address: 5428 NE 30th, Portland, OR 97211